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idea for making small amounts of cannabutter

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by velvenhavi, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. so, i smoke alot and im sick of smoking and have been trying to get really high off of digesting thc rather then smoking it, but i have never come to any avail. i have always used midis when cooking but i only smoke really good weed, i havent really smoked mids in 2-3 years. i have made ounces worth of brownies a few times and eaten about a quarters worth each time and have not felt anything. it seems every time i use midis for edibles i never get high. but financially i cannot afford to use piff weed in edibles.

    so, heres my idea.

    get about 1.5 grams of really good weed, whatever i have that day..
    a little less than 1/4 a stick of butter.
    a drinking glass
    a pan.

    if i put the drinking glass in the center of the pan, with the butter and nothing else in it, and heat up water in the pan, will the butter in the glass heat up without going above 320 F and torching the weed? i dont mind about eating a gram or so of dank weed thats been ground up in my butter, as im just gonna put it on toast.. its for the effect..

    who thinks this would work? wouldnt work? thoughts?
  2. i'ont know b,

    but shouts to queens new york!
  3. actually residing in franklin square right now.. :O
    where you at??
  4. your glass is gonna break. don't do it, dude
  5. yeah that glass will break unless its pyrex even then i dunno whats the max temp you can put that stuff into boiling water. gl tho
  6. i wouldnt suggest putting it in a drinking glass, perhaps the smallest of small pans at your house, also with such a small amount, i hear that firecrackers work well with good bud.

    However if your absolutly going for the cannabutter thing, then it would def. work if u made the cannabutter properly, id suggest maybe, 1/8th stick of butter, or less.

    Just an idea
  7. If youre lookin to get baked by ingestion with a little bud, go with firecrackers. I make 2 with 1-2 gs and get ripped...check out the tutorial on the "recreational marijuana use" page.
  8. Woo reviving dead threads :)

    Anyways in my personal experience, I've found that if I want to make single servings the best method is the boiling water trick.

    Simply find the smallest pot you have in your house, and bring it to a boil. Then turn it down to one or two below the highest temperature the stove dial goes to. Toss in at least 1 tbsp of butter, or if you can handle it a little more.

    Then comes the fun part, grind up AT LEAST 1.5 GRAMS and put it in your water. I found 1.5 was a good high for going to work, but that's just me. If your just looking to get stoned off your gord then 2.5G or 3G should do it.

    Now I like to let the water and bud boil for 2 hours but I'm sure 20 to 30 minutes would do the trick. If you do decide to let it boil for the several hours, make sure you get a bigger pot with some water boiling nearby. The water evaporates quickly so every 20 or 25 minutes make sure to add more boiling water to the smaller pot. After the last time you add more boiling water wait for it to boil down nice and low again. Then pour it all into a cup and put it in the fridge overnight.

    Now what your going to end up with is a bunch of cannabutter with a bunch of bud in it. Simply take the cannabutter out and lay it on a paper towel, which will remove enough of the moisture to refrigerate. If you want to keep it for even longer, just stick it in the freezer wrapped in saran wrap.

    For the sake of getting high I just put it on a tablespoon, nut up, and drink it with some water. However if that's too much for you, you could pour the boiling cannabutter water mix through a fine food screen. Make sure to press the bud out with a fork if that's what you do.

    Now here's the thing with the boiling water, for those not in the know. Water boils at 100C (212F), so there is no way you can overheat the butter. THC is not water soluble, so it all gets absorbed into the fat as it's boiling. And it's the easiest way to make very high concentrations in the butter.

  9. Adding herb to water and butter is a very wasteful and old-fashioned, ineffective method of making oil.. the original purpose the water served was as an ineffective method of controlling temps, when in fact, your material is still coming into direct contact with the heat source below. It also pulls in much more inert and unpalatable material like chlorophyll, bitter salts, and plant wax, into the oil, while reducing the efficiency of the glandular extraction.

    Edible cannabis has the potential to be much stronger, than the same material if smoked... but only if it has been processed correctly. You should need a bit less than you'd smoke in a single session (or in a single day, if you are a heavy/regular user), to achieve a more powerful and longer-lasting effect.

    You're right, cannabis glandular material is not water soluble, and by diluting your edible solvent, and causing your cannabis to come into contact with moisture, you're severely reducing the efficiency of the glandular breakdown and extraction, and you're preventing further activation which cannot occur when water is present, which is precisely why butter-water methods have always consistently required so much material per dose, versus using a pure oil source. Excessive and extended periods of heat degrade potency, even if that heat is gentle and below the temperature which causes vaporization. This why you need to store large amounts of cannabis in a cool, dark location with just the right level of humidity.

    Your material can not break down fast enough when water is present, and degradation occurs, long before a more consistent level of bioavailability can be achieved.... So you either must stop short of the full process, because it takes so much longer with water present, or you must continue until much of the material which first became activated and bioavailable, begins to degrade. We have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edible stories, due to these less effective methods.

    Rather than blending and diluting with water, a better method if you must use the stove-top, is fashioning a double boiler by using a larger, and smaller pot. The large pot contains a few inches of water, and the smaller pot rests inside, and will contain your oil and herb. This not only separates your oil and herb from the water, but it separates and provides an actual buffer between the heat source, and your delicate materials. :)

    Even better, omit the water, put your oil and decarbed herb in a pyrex pie dish, or if you're working with only a single serving a small ceramic dish, or even a single section of a muffin tray, cover or wrap tightly with foil, and pop it in the oven at 220 f for roughly two hours (with a break in the middle, to manipulate the herb), or 50 minutes at 300 if it's necessary to cut corners, and you're good to go.

    Hope this helps. :)

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