Idea for glass bong, will it work?

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  1. I have no experience in this field, but I have a feeling that you will need something better than a needle for the diffuser. Just a hunch however
  2. Almost all of that sounds incredily unsafe. I think if you tried to heat a whine bottle to the point it was red and soft there is a good chance it would explode. Same with the tube, but it might be heat resistant if it is chem equipment
  3. I'll use gloves and shit. :D
  4. I want... no.. scratch that.. I NEED to see this.

  5. Does not seem worth it at all. For all the possible pain and suffering you can endure, a cheap glass bong really doesnt make up for it. Hell, if it does explode and glass does go into your face/hands/arm/chest/eyes, for what you are going to spend in the hospital, you could of spent on a nice bong.

    Just go buy a cheap $20 bong or something. This is not a plastic bottle and plastic pen your heating up. Its a wine bottle and a scientific test tube. Now im not a blower or anything, but im pretty sure you heating up the wine bottle and then shoving the test tube in the red hole will NOT work. Hell that diffuser idea seems like it wouldnt work either.

    All in all, GO BUY A CHEAP BONG:bongin::bongin:
  6. hmm i cant buy a bong cus theres no headshop or anything near here and i cant buy from internet either cus ive got no card
  7. Get a glass drill bit...It will make everything you are trying to do much easier:hello:
  8. Haha THIS! ^^^ If you get a diamond drill bit that is reliable youll start turning everything you can get your hands onto into a bong haha, trust me, these are fun investments.

  9. No Credit Card?

    Here's what you do.. Take yourself to a WalMart and use CASH to buy a $100 Gift Card. Online stores (such as Attitude Seeds) accept gift cards and are completely anonymous.

  10. i got a drillbit:) and there aint walmarts here . :(
  11. Where do you live?!?!?!?!?! You dont have to answer that im just astounded there is an area that exists without a walmart within a stones throw haha.
  12. norway :)
  13. There has to be a way to get some sort of giftcard there, just look for a major credit card company one, theyre everywhere.

    Gotta love that they work online, you can order anything :D
  14. does anyone atleast know how i can make a deffuser from the chemistry lab tube? :D

  15. wont work.
  16. sure it wont work? :((
  17. This idea will NOT and i mean NOT work. This is just a bad idea to start with. Just go make a bong out of a plastic bottle if your that desperate.

    And hell, if you still dont believe me after that, then try it yourself. I hope you enjoy glass in your hands and face.
  18. I wouldn't suggest the way you are doing it..

    I've actually thought about this.. but not the heating part..
    I just recently made this but with a liqour bottle.. it'd be the same concept tho, although I used a real glass on glass slide and diffuser.. I do want to try the chem lab one, but im waiting on a friend to get that for me.. and again not heating but drilling holes in it..

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