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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by xgcbxr, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. i planted my seed somewhat late in the season and thought i had planted my indica seed but switched with my sativa so the flowering is a bit longer. its just became fall in NJ and will start getting in the 50s at night and my plant is outside. so i was thinking of a way to just protect my roots enough so i can finish off the flowering. The plant is in a pot not in the ground but i have no room in my house to fit it since im getting house redone.

    I wanted to make a some what deeo hole and put mulch in it and around the walls and make a hole for the plant to rest and try and use the mulch to keep my roots from freezing. i will coveer parts of the plant at times if it gets into the 30s and 20s but if not freezing it will get light in the day and be covered at night.

    Do you guys think i can manage this or will i have to harvest early?? (dont want to tho)
  2. Im faced with the same exact problem bud, but im in upstate new york. Its already hit around 33 at night and im growing in buckets and dug holes to put them in. Im a bit worried too because i have atleast 3.5-4 weeks left of flowering. But honestly i think we'll be alright. im gonna insulate the hole around my bucket and do things to help keep my plant warm. I planted in mid june so theyll finish around Oct 20. but i think we'll be alright. theres a good thread about how to keep your plants warm somewhere on here or google. GL
  3. alright thanks man and GL to you too.

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