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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Miklelottesen, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Users on that forum have been asked several times to ease off on the "other drugs" discussions, because that isn't the main function of pandoras box. There has even been posted a nice sticky asking people not to create new "other drugs" threads, however those threads keep cropping up on the forum and I think it's a pity as it keeps non-"other drugs" users away from the forum, so my suggestion is to simply create an "other drugs" forum, not to send out a signal that other drugs are good for you, but simply for keeping it all in one place and doing so that we once again can enjoy pandoras box as it was intended to be. It wouldn't be a complicated process at all; all there is to do is simply renaming pandoras box and creating a new pandoras box, cause it's really hard to find anything else than "other drugs" there...
  2. I am pretty sure the reason Pandora's Box is so popular is because of the 'other drug' discussion.

    Taking that out will make it... less active.
  3. We can't have a forum dedicated to other drugs due to liability issues. We moved all threads regarding other drugs to Pandora's Box because all of the non-"other drugs" users preferred that they not be in the General forum.

    Pandora's Box has always been a forum for more controversial topics but since we've added so many other forums recently, most of those topics have a new place out there. Topics regarding other drugs only have the Box.

    We're starting to delete threads that are basically duplicates of threads already in there and we're cleaning it up a bit, too.

    The suggestion is appreciated but it's one that was thought of a long time ago and had to be axed due to liability issues. :)

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