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  1. I got high and bored so I wrote the script for the pilot of a tv adaption of a comic series I created.
    I'm posting it in case somebody trys to rip me off and to get some opinions.
    If somebody wants to animate it feel free to but send me a copy of it.
    Anyways here it is

    Weederman in Weederman dies

    Weederman(wm): He's a racist drug addict who became a superhero by accident

    Black guy(bg) a black criminal Weederman meets

    Tokopus(tp): a floating and smoking oktopus and a friend of Weederman

    Harvey(hv) a black snake with dreadlocks who used to work as an electrician but became a movie producer.(i invented him before that me too stuff but added the movie producer part after it)

    Weedermans wife(ww): says it all doesn't it

    Weedermans son(ws): same here

    Cop1(c1): just a normal cop

    Female cop(fc ): normal female cop

    Nazi cops:normal cops but with a swastika armband

    Sscop: cop wearing an ss uniform

    Prisoner: a simple black prisoner

    Warning: explicit language is used. Racial insults are used for characterization purposes and are not meant to offend as should become apparent from the story.

    Weederman shoots two cops arresting a black guy
    Bg:" thanks man"
    Wm:"why did they want to arrest you?"
    Bg:"I only sold spice to some kids"
    Wm:"well then it's your lucky day"
    Shoots bg
    Wm:"you should have sold weed"

    Weederman comes home but his house is empty. He finds a letter.
    Letter:" you killed two of our family now we're going to kill two of yours."
    A swastika serves as a signature.
    Wm picks up his gun and enters his pick up. Tokopus appears on the backseat.
    Tp:"what's up man?"
    Wm:" what' are you doing here? I thought you were in Mexico. '"
    Tp:" I was sick of that hellhole only Mexican brick weed down there"
    Wm:"well you should've moved to Jamaica"
    Tp:" oh god no they want me dead down there ever since I smoked the weed in Bob Marleys grave."
    Harvey appears out of the glovebox
    Hv:" you got a lighter man?"
    Wm:"what the hell! are you cocksuckers living in my car?"
    Hv hides a blanket
    Wm:"then why the fuck are you here"
    Tp:" because nazis kidnapped your family"
    Wm: "how the hell do you know that?"
    Tp:"we told you already stop smoking you dopehead" tp hits joint
    Hv:"yeah man I don't repeat myself. Tokopus man you got a lighter?"."
    The car stops in front of a police station.
    Wm:" any idea how to do it?"
    Hv:"you're german ain't you? Just go in and say heil hitler. "
    Wm:"That might just work"

    Tp:" they know you wait a second"
    Tp blows smoke at wm he suddenly looks like hitler. Wm looks at himself in the mirror
    Wm(parodying hitler):"wir müssen die juden ausrotten."
    An old jew walks past the car
    Jew(screaming):" he's back! He's back! take me but let my money live."
    Throws his wallet awayand shoots himself in the head. Hv runs after it
    Female cop:"hands where I can see em :"
    Hv:"very funny bitch. I should give you a role in my next movie."
    Hv crawls towards fcs pussy
    Fc punches him down and puts handcuffs on hvs head and tail":
    Tp:" they got Harvey man."
    Wm:"oh you just made this personal."
    Tp:"not when they threatened to kill your wife and son? Nice to see where your loyalty is"
    Tp and wm run into the police station
    Wm:" sieg heil"
    Cop1:"heil mein führer. Can I help you?"
    Wm:"show me where you keep all the prisoners"
    C1 :" as you wish"
    Tp wm c1 enter an elevator
    C1 :"mein führer have you noticed that smoking octopus next to you?"
    Wm :" I have no idea what your talking about. "
    Tp starts dancing and passes the joint to wm. The elevator stops. They enter a gigantic cave containing a 1:1 rebuild of auschwitz.
    Wm:" impressive how many jews are there?"
    C1:"no jews sir niggers.2,3million niggers and two whites?"
    Wm:" why are the whites here?"
    C1:" they're son and wife of a guy who works for the niggers"
    Wm :" rassenschande! I wanna kill them myself:"
    They go to the cell .
    C1 opens the cell:"here they are"
    He takes the mask of draws his gun shoots the cop and takes his keys.
    Weedermans wife:" thank god you came .I thought we'd die here "
    Wm:" no time for that bitch here
    take my gun and get the fuck outta here."
    Weedermans son takes the gun ww and ws run away.
    Wm :" I gotta get those niggers out."
    Hv is in a cell next to them :" if you overcharge the reactor every door is gonna open"
    Wm:" how the fuck did you get here ."
    Hv leaves his cell by snaking through between the iron bars :"now why would a black snake be in jail? Maybe cause cops only shoot niggers with their hands up? You were there when I got arrested"
    Wm hits a joint:"oh yeah right. Let's go to the drive through then."
    Wm:"no man you're a movie producer. "
    Tp:"he's too fucking stoned let's go Harvey. I Hope your electrician skills didn't rust."
    Hv:"it's difficult without blowing yourself up but unless they kill me we should make it out."

    Wm hv tp run towards the reactor
    They take the guns of dead nazis .
    Wm starts singing:" On the day I was born
    The nurses all gathered 'round
    And they gazed in wide wonder
    At the joy they had found
    The head nurse spoke up
    And she said leave this one alone
    She could tell right away
    That I was bad to the bone"
    Tp:" stop singing you moron"
    Wm :" I just got the blues motherfucker."
    Hv: "shut up it's behind that door"
    They enter the control room it's full of nazicops but they re all killed. Hv is hit. :"shit man they got me "
    Wm:"harvey how the fuck do you overcharge it?"
    Hv " blow it up"dies
    More cops arrive they have got ww.
    Ss Cop:"Put the guns down or your wife is dead. "
    Wm:"where's my son ?"
    Ss Cop :"he's with your friend over there" points at hvs opens a gas tank
    Wm to his wife:"I'm sorry I got you into this "
    Takes a hit throws the joint into the gas tank the explosion vaporizes everyone

    Prisoner1:" what the fuck was that?"
    Far away voice:" the doors are open we're free we're fucking free."

    A short person holding a gun is shown from behind looking at the burning building. Millions of blacks escape escape to freedom.
    Short person:"I'm wondering how many of them deserved to be there"

    Fake commercial
    Speaker:"does life suck? How about some weed? You can't sleep? Try some heroin. Got an exam coming up? Smoke some meth.
    Mexican cartel drugs. Coming Soon even to your neighborhood."

  3. How ‘bout: Will Smith as the main character,
    Some body please animate this, it feels like there’s something cool/Fun in it but I’m too lazy to read it all..

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