Idea for a grinder/bowlpiece hybrid

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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share an idea that came to me today while I was using my grinder. I thought it'd be interesting to create a hybrid grinder/bowlpiece to use for bongs and things like that. I'll make a small diagram in paint and attach it for you all to laugh at XD
    Of course it wouldn't be one of the 3 inch grinders, just a 1.5 inch at most.
    I know it wouldn't be super practical in the long term, but it would be a fun gadget to show your friends! Any thoughts? :D

  2. I dig it. The screen would have to be super fine, though, so as not to lose any kief or little bits of bud.
  3. Agreed, and I figured since its already in the bowl only a little bit of kief would be lost in the first place :) since there would be no moving it from the grinder to the bowl. This wouldn;t be very good for a group session, but for a solo toke I'm sure some people would really enjoy it. Hell I'd use one if I had it

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