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Idea for a game??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. We need a new computer game here at the City to stir things up a bit. (Well since I'm here by myself during the day it seems) and I've been spinning one around in my head for a while and Critter brought up something in a post that maybe might this game work.

    OK here goes, its a word game that takes two (maybe three) unrelated words and connects them together. Separately, these words should have no meaning but when joined, every knows what they mean. Each person gets to add a connected set as long as the words are in context.

    What the hell are you talking about, you've lost me.

    OK,OK I'm going to start it out and you'll see. Play along if you like it, If you think this is stupid, well tough shit. i think up stupid shit all day long anyway (There's some of that extra-jerkiness for oyu 420gurlie)

    OH, I name this game "Ganjaphish" after a sweet little lady and it was her handle that set this wheel in motion.


    The game's subject: Colors and music!
  2. Yellow Submarine!
  3. Red Wine

    as in the song by UB40 ",red wiiiiiineeee, takes me awaaaaaaayy"
  4. blue oyster cult

    rainbow buttmonkeys (aka finger eleven)

    and i cant think of anymore...
  5. Ok, Poppa, I'm really high but I just don't really understand. Did you take 3 turns as an example or do we do as many as we think of? Is there going to be a new topic daily? I'm all for this but need more instuctions.
  6. Make up the rules as you go along.

    I would say name one combination per turn. I put three up there as an example to get the ball rolling


    If someone messes up you get to call bullshit on them.
  7. sooo...did i win?!
  8. This is a good one, thanks BPP for the entertainment! :) I live for "making stupid shit up"!
    Here's my contribution:

    Black Sabbath

    (Had to give props to Ozzy!)
    I have more, but I'll let ya'all go for it.
  9. twisted brown trucker band....kinda long, fits the criteria...did i win??!!
  10. RED Hot Chili Peppers

    ????am i playing right????
  11. the black crowes

    now what?????? :confused:
  12. Green Day

    This is fun!!!!
  13. sister hazel
  14. Do song titles count?

    "Blue Moon"
  15. Saturday Night Fever
  16. sposed to have a color in it...isnt it?
  17. oh i thought i could use any part of the last post.

  18. Yes! color and something musical that everyone knows!

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