Idea: Extracting pure THC via vapor condensation

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  1. Idea: I have a volcano vaporizer and know that if you fill up a bag with vapor and leave the bag for a few hours the vapor simply condenses and the inside of the bag gets coated with THC (Maybe if you put the bag in a freezer or something similar the process might be a lot quicker, I don't know). After heavy use(months worth) volcano bags tend to get a little cloudy due to the buildup on the inside of the bag.

    Anyway, what if you were to do this multiple times, until the inside of the bag is coated with a respectable amount of THC, then remove the bag, and pour in a small amount of something like 99% isopropyl alcohol to wash out the inside of the bag and let the alcohol portion of this tincture evaporate completely until only pure, concentrated THC is left, which has unlimited possibilities(making capsules, or a propylene glycol tincture for e-cigarette atomizers, or snorting it if that's your thing, whatever).

    So what do you guys think? Plausible idea, or half-baked(no pun intended, I just happen to be really baked right now :smoking:). Input's appreciated. Obviously it would take a lot of work but I'm curious to know if anyone's heard of trying something similar.
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  3. Instead of letting the vapor go into a bag you should channel it into long glass tube, wrap an ice pack around the end and aim it at a glass dish.

    Or another idea i had was to channel the vapor in a hose to a beaker filled with iso and put the hose down in the iso. This would make a bong with iso which should absorb the vapor. then just let the iso evap.
  4. in theory it sounds awesome. But there are already better methods out there. There are a few cons to your method. You have actually added a step which increases innefficiency in extracting the THC. You'll lose some of it in heating it into the bag and more when condensing it into the bag plus it takes a lot of time thc degrades with light and time.

    If you want more bang for your buck simply extract the thc from your weed right into any strong solvent and heating it directly based on the solvent boiling point. However, butane and isopropyl alcohol are UNEDIBLE and shouldnt be put on food or used as a beverage. You can however use the highest azeotrope ethanol which would be Branded Everclear or 95% neutral grain spirits. I havent tried making BHO (butane hash oil) but i have done an everclear tincture (green dragon) and it was awesome.... basically like a weed absinthe. Problem is if you mix it with anything the thc will precipitate and sink to the bottom of ur glass and shots of it get me hella stoned cuz the alcohol is so strong it goes through the membrane into your bloodstream just sitting in your mouth. But its so strong ur skin will start to raw up and eventually bleed. Great with a few drops on pizza.
  5. Wouldn't the result be similar to the brown goo that condences on the end of vapor whips?
  6. or taking out the iso out of the equation. what if you used that pure thc extract condensation and put it in a vial, then dripped it over your bowl like honey oil. but way more potent.

  7. how do you get it off the bag?
  8. Could'nt you just let the vaporizer go into still to collect this pure THC? Just sidestep the whole solvent bizz?
  9. To your question the answer is no. A still method requires the end product to be much more viscous than resin. Pharmacists have used solvent extraction for centuries because it works well for tinctures of oils. This is what you are trying to do.
    After your bag is coated from use (you can no longer see through it). Use a shallow dish, cut your bag into manageable size pieces. Rinse pieces in Isopropanol 99% Alcohol.
    Remove solvent by heating to the point of boil (as lo as possible) until remaining product is free of any Alcohol. I use a Pyrex glass 4c. Measuring Cup for this step.
    If you have done it right.
    You will have about 1 1/2 g. of resin remaining to use as you think best.
    Good luck
  10. Shona Banda made hash oil with her vaporizer! It described in her You-Tube about her medical use. (I'm a total computer dummy, so I hope this works! It's "Live Free or Die")

    shona banda - Yahoo! Video Search

    Her method was primitive, but it worked!

    Granny :wave:
  11. if your using a box and whip vape, just grab you dirty whip, (the glass part) boil some water (but not too much). hold the whip over a big glass and pour the water through slowly. boiling water takes the honey out of the whip so well and if you catch it all in a glass then let it evaporate you left with pure goodness in the bottom, you can also find a screw thats end will fit your hose snug, tie some string to the thread and thread it through the hose, then pull the screwhead through and you will scrape away all that nice honey to save up
  12. I guess you could purposefully let the bag get coated on the inside, but why not just let the oil gradually build up over use? Same concept applies to what you want to do either way though. lol

    Ive done this before with Volcano bags and parts, DO NOT THROW THE BAG AWAY! Its got lots of THC inside, ISO wash it first! I've done it before and gotten a lot of pure oil from it, like the amount you'd get from iso washing several grams of bud! :eek:

    What I did was pour iso directly into the bag, seal the open end, and shake it all around so you get all that tasty oil. Then you can either pour it out and evaporate it directly in a pan, or run it through a filter first if you are washing things other than the bag. Its really easy :D
  13. People do this all the time. :)

    You can also use grain alcohol to clean and 'reclaim' a decent concentrate from your bags and other vaping equipment, even if you've just been vaping normally. :)

    Just remember, that it's not ideal if you're doing it solely for making hash or a concentrate, because producing vapor degrades your material by a minimum of 15% - 20%... and combustion, depending on the temperature of the element or flame, destroys up to 35 - 50% of your THC before you even inhale it, rendering it to useless, un-testable (or 'disregarded' for testing) components, surpassing the still-useful chemical byproducts of degradation, into waste and total elimination.

    (This is why, when testing edibles or flowers for potency, gas chromatography which induces vapor and combustion is considered inaccurate by a somewhat consistent percent, and liquid chromatography, which is performed at much lower temperatures, results in higher read-out levels of all chemical components.)
  14. Very informative! I didn't think about vaporizing degrading the material as well. So from what I've gathered from this, that means if you plan on doing this only to get hash, you are actually wasting material. You would be just better off ISO washing the bud directly rather than from the bag (one less step).
  15. This won't work. Ever. You can fractally distill to get pure thc but it's awful. You cannot snort pure thc either, it won't dissolve in your membranes because it's not water soluble. Basic chemistry.
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    Im sorry but your 'basic chemistry' is wrong. Pure thc will dissolve in biological membranes entirely because it is not water soluble. Only lipid soluble molecules (such as thc) can cross biological membranes as the membranes are formed of a lipid bilayer.
    Possibly the best method would be this:
    Heat the buds in a boiling flask and collect the vapour in a graham condenser. The crystals will form on the inside of the condenser. 
    You could now wash the condenser through with hot water; this would remove most impurities at an early stage but may dislodge some crystals. This would have to be tested.
    Wash the condenser through with grain alcohol to collect the  thc crystals. Once the thc has dissolved in the grain oil, add water and boil off the alcohol until the thc crystals precipitate out into the water. It would help to cool the liquid to speed up this process.
    Run the liquid through a Buchner funnel and quench with boiling water to wash through impurities. 
    Left behind on the filter paper of the Bucner funnel would be the pure, glass-like, tch crystals (possibly a white mush before being properly dried out)
    Simply leave the filter paper somewhere warm to dry out and the crystals will fully form, nice and big. 
    Scrape off your crystals and do as you please with them!
    Inhalation would result in very small amounts of thc being taken up into the blood, via direct contact with nasal cavity tissue. Due to water based mucus in the nasal passage, and the hydrophobic tendency of thc, most of the thc will not hang around in the upper nasal cavity and will be wasted. 
    To remove this problem you can re-dissolve your thc crystals in a very small quantity of diluted alcohol or lipid solvent before inhalation (either as a spray or an oily powder)
  20. Wow a decade later, and stoners are still having the same ideas while smoking lol
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