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Idea: Canabutter spray

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HighTime, May 14, 2011.

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    What you will need, Keep in mind this is all hypothetical, i need some help with this one guys.

    1. Small candy spray container (available at most corner stores)
    2. 1 Gram of marijuana per ounce of glycerin. (you can raise this for increased potency.
    3. glycerin
    4. A flavoring of some sort

    So you need to obtain a croc pot, simmer the marijuana and glycerin and flavoring for about 8 hours. Then Basically add some flavoring put it inside the small spray bottle, and whenever you need a pick me up, you have a convenient, discreet method of ingesting marijuana. If you guys can give me some ideas, and if this gets postitive feed-back i will try it and post my results.
  2. sounds like a good idea.
    But wouldn't you have to spray the whole bottle to feel effects?
  3. I dont believe so, i know canabutter is a spread out substance if you will, it hast the same ratio of thc throughout the actual butter, so potency might have to be increased. Smaller amounts of butter, and larger amounts of weed.
  4. Thats exactly what i was looking for, thank you very much.:hello:
  5. Why bother with the butter? Just make an alcohol or glycerine tincture. Using cannabutter like that isn't a great idea and is totally unnecessary.
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    They make these spray bottle that are meant for spraying oils like olive oil, canola oil ect. They work really good for olive oil, so if you could thin out the butter a little I bet this would work. They get pressure you pumping the bottle ur self so you can controll the pressure, which I think would work good for the thin butter. They are called Misto.

  7. That looks perfect. I will try this over the summer, im reading the entire other thread and i am going to se glycerin and an orange syrup flavoring, Im going to be using 1 gram of very good marijuana per ounce. That should suffice?:smoke:

  8. I've never done this, sounds like a good idea though, can u give me the thread?

  9. Thanks
  10. #12 HighTime, May 18, 2011
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    I just got the Misto. Its huge, but works wonderfully. Although it isnt discreet, it may be perfect for home usage. i was hoping this thing would hold an ounce of fluid and it holds three. Im not dissapointed, im just a bit misconstrued over what to use it for, i like to smoke at home, i needed this for and on the go undercover pick me up. But this will have to do. It just looks like an odd canteen.

    Edit: About to smoke and blow into this, and then go spray it at some bugs. I will post results.

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  11. lol just say its a water bottle. Sorry bro, thought you wanted something a bit bigger. (for home use).

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