Idaho shooter's alien manifesto

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    You guys catch this? Guy shoots pastor that endorsed Ted Cruz he claims 12 times, freaks out when he find out he is still alive, sends every news agency his manifesto and is arrested outside the White House.

    Pastor who spoke out for Ted Cruz is doing 'absolutely fine' after being shot in the head
    Idaho shooting suspect’s ‘hypersexual’ Martian manifesto is a window into an unraveling mind

    “Born and raised in North Idaho,” Odom wrote. “Grew up in a loving family. Joined the Marine Corps after high school. Developed an interest in science. Went to school for a degree in Biochemistry. Won numerous scholarships and awards. Graduated Magna Cum Laude then got invited to prestigious university to work on genetics.

    One night in February 2014, Odom was meditating when he said he had an out-of-body experience.

    “I entered a space that was completely dark and had no awareness of my physical boundaries/orientation,” he wrote. “I felt very peaceful there until a blue light began to approach me. As the blue light got closer, I realized that it was another being.”

    At first, the alleged alien encounter seemed like a blessing for Odom. “The remainder of the semester became exceedingly easy for me,” he wrote. “It felt like I had tapped into some kind of power. I was exerting no mental effort even though the classes had been extremely difficult before.”

    Odom accepted an offer from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, to work on a PhD in human genetics, but he quickly dropped out because the work was too easy, thanks to his alien awakening, he wrote.

    "The day after I decided to leave, my life became a living hell,” Odom wrote. He couldn’t sleep. After a few days,aliens posing as classmates tried to provoke him to become “the next school shooter,” he wrote, so he left Texas and returned to his home town ofCoeur d’Alene."

    “This is where the story gets weird,” he wrote. On a flight home after a job interview, Odom began to suspect that strangers were sending him secret messages. Newspaper headlines had hidden meanings.

    “At first they were innocuous bible messages, but then he started threatening me,” Odom wrote. “He sent messages talking about ‘their power’ and other things. He did all of this through bible verses so it would not look suspicious.”

    Here is the full manifesto with list of names and message to the president. Reading it feels like second hand schizophrenia.
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  2. Those damn light beings!!!

    -Sent from Zeta Reticuli starsystem-
  3. Sounds like schizophrenia to me, although I'm not really an expert. Reminds me of A Beautiful Mind where the guy thinks the government is sending him secret missions but it's all hallucinations.

    Lucky for the pastor though, not many people survive being shot in the head.
  4. What a crazy guy.
    He is correct about the carefully crafted illusion of freedom...

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