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    I've got a pest eating my seedlings. I do the soaking method to germinate and once I have a taproot, plant in a Rapid Rooter and place in a Solo cup with potting soil to help keep it from drying out to soon. Something has gotten into the box I use to start them and is eating the plant before or just as it breaks the surface. It is about 1/8" long and if disturbed will roll up into a ball.
    Can someone ID this for me and give my a way to eradicate it, hopefully without harming the seedlings I have. Is it a pill bug of some sort?


    Thanks you for any help.
  2. Pill bug or wood lice. It wasn't eating your plant most likely they eat rotten wood
  3. I've been researching Pillbugs since posting this and they do eat seedlings according to quite a few people. It seems the general knowledge that they only eat rotting or dead vegetation is being disproved by many. This not quite seedling was just breaking ground last night and this morning the hole in the rapid rooter was full of these bugs. I don't believe the plant died overnight, I strongly believe it was the bugs. this is the 3rd one I've lost in the last week or so. I've never had a loss before like this.
  4. Yeah maybe I could see that. Best to use clones:)
  5. Unfortunately that is not always an option.
  6. No need to kill it though just drop him outside, he didn't mean to eat your seedling and it probably gave him gas
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