Id This Logo Of My New Bong

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  1. hey,
    Just got a new bong from a friend. They didn't know the brand or if it was one. I don't really care because it looks so cool and hits so well. But today I found the only marking it has on the bottom, I was wondering if anyone recognized it as a logo to some brand. 
    Thank you for your help!!


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  2. Well that's a milli (people more familiar with millis, marbles etc correct me if I'm wrong) which is normally not a brand logo, just something blowers throw on to spice things up. I do remember a guy (JBD maybe?) used a Pepe LePew milli as a sort of insignia, so it is possibly a logo but more likely not.
  3. any other pics?
  4. Is it a sticker? 
    It looks like Red Eye Glass. Where do you live OP?
  5. That's a baby diablo bong! Very rare how much did you pay for it?
  6. I live in South Florida. 
    I paid 20 for this bong and a really cool bubbler. A friends room mate left it behind and they didn't want it. She didn't know what it was but knew the room mate that left it behind really liked it. I took it because it was a cool deal and cool looking pieces.
    Let me know if you find a picture of the company or something
  7. Here is a pic of it

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  8. Ive never seen it before, could be a signature from a glass blower? or maybe just a milli like Mira said. they usually dont determine brands persay if you have a pic of the whole thing i might be able to tell you the glass blower
  9. I posted a picture of it. If anyone could help?

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