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I'd like your input

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zombiefuhrer, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I go today to register for classes for college, and I'm caught between a nursing degree and a degree in criminal justice

    I am expecting some "wtf, criminal justice?!"

    But, we need more smokers in criminal justice anyway! haha

    Anyway, what do you all think??
  2. Do it up with the Criminal Justice bro
  3. Criminal justice isn't really an academic discipline, it's something they made up so they could charge people money. You don't even need it to be a cop. Nursing is an in demand profession, but you actually have to take some hard classes to complete the degree. The cool thing is, you'll get a job.

  4. That's what I was thinking, but I figure a degree in criminal justice will either help me "rank" up quicker or start higher up or maybe even better pay?

    I wish I would've got my ass into college back when I was 18 but taking 5 years to find myself hasn't been all bad except it feels more difficult to decide what I want to do haha
  5. well if you like working 12 hours at a time, dealing with literal shit half the time, and wounds the other half.. and there is all the abusive and angry crazy/elderly people throwing stuff at you..

    i used to be an orderly at a hospital, and after seeing what nurses do, honestly not for me, sure its in demand and pays alot, but that is for a reason..

    IMO i would try to look for 3rd option,
  6. become a male nurse like Gaylord Focker
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    Yeah, I've looked for another option but nothing really catches me and I don't want to do something else for the sole purpose of doing it... I wanna go for something that interests me

    I mean IMO I see nothing wrong with joining a criminal justice field career... Yeah I smoke weed but I've know plenty of people in criminal justice who smoke and yeah maybe they were lucky to never have a problem but I'm not going to avoid a potentially awesome career because it doesn't really agree with my marijuana usage
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    Yea with a degree you start at a higher pay. Over here where I live its about $8,000 more a year. And you rank up faster. That's actually what I'm going for.:wave:
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    Oh nice! I wish you a lot of luck for a successful career! :wave: :wave:
  10. Dude trust me, a CJ degree wont help you much.

    Don't worry about taking so long. I didn't start college until I was 23, because w/ out pell grants I couldn't go.
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    Thank you sir. N good luck to you in whatever you decide
  12. Nursing!!! Nurses are in very high demand right now, and will be for a long time to come. They're making great money, and in many situations can choose outstanding, flexible schedules. I know a lot of nurses who will work a full time job for one facility, 12 hour shifts for three to four days straight, giving them 3 to four days off a week. Then, they can work PRN (as needed) for other facilities to boost their income even further.

    Also, consider the fact that we've been fighting two major wars for a decade now. Facilities for soldiers are going to be in very high demand. Wanna know how much nurses earn working for federal and state owned veteran's facilities? Twenty five dollars an hour or more, and they don't have to have a military background either, just a nursing degree.

    As far as the "dirty work", most of that is left up to the nurse's aides, not the nurses. Nurses take care of the IVs and pumps, pic lines, medications, charting, family affairs, assisting doctors, etc. Some of them take care of wounds if they are, in fact, wound care nurses. You can choose NOT to be a wound care specialist if you can't handle the situation, as it is smelly and gross at times. Ass wiping? That's the job of the aides too, and not the nurses.

    Back to the two wars...have you ever considered Psych nursing? It would require a bit more study, but the job itself is quite lucrative because it's a specialized practice. Speaking from experience, there is nothing funner than working with crazy people!

    On the other hand, there is another profession relating to the medical field that is highly underrated, but just as lucrative, and that is physical therapy. Imagine yourself teaching people how to walk again after coming home from war.Imagine teaching people how to use a prosthetic arm or leg. Imagine giving someone back their life after they've been blown up in a fox hole. I've seen miracles performed by physical therapists. Just something else I think you should consider if you're serious about entering the medical field.
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    Thank you so much for the lengthy and informative post :)
  14. Nursing bro..there are always going to be hospitals lol thats my reasoning behind that lol..Bro I'm in graduate school now doing "sports admin" and it fucking rules!!! All I will tell you is do something that you love bro...I loved sports and fitness so I took the route that I thought would help me get into manageing college athletics..Money is awsome bro but I'd much rather have the job I do than some super stressful job where I'm making jack..Balance is key as always
  15. Id say join what makes you happy, not what makes you money. If CJ is it, go at it hard

    Nursing is also a great career. My cousin is wanting to be one since his mom was one.
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    ^Advice to live by... Thank you for that, thinking that way is going to help me a lot more than focusing on money is so again thanks :)
  17. Nursing. You make BANK, and you don't need a Criminal Justice degree to get most jobs in that field. If you want to go into Criminal Justice, try and get a job in the field without having to spend a Shit load of money on a degree that might not help you at all. Did i mention Nurses make bank? My parents old friends are a married couple, both nurses. They work 2 days a week each and make $100,000 a year... EACH... imagine all the weed you could buy with that...:smoke:
  18. You don't have to decide today and asking people on Grasscity to make your career decision probably isn't the smartest idea. Pick classes that are needed for both the majors and get them out of the way first. That way when you actually decide for yourself what you want to do you can still choose either one.
  19. Criminal Justice.
  20. Nursing. By far. Its well worth it.

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