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Id like to share an interesting edible experience (5 gram cookie)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dank spanko, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. This is a story about my 5 gram cookie experience. Was about a month ago,
    Anyways I had this gnarly cookie I forget which brand. Actually its called "Korova" , unfortunately I don't
    have the wrapper with me to show you guys. Got it from a dispensary obviously, costs twelve bucks or so.
    I ate half in the morning as got pretty fucking buzzed then decided to eat the other half. So I popped the
    other half in my mouth and ate it, then I grabbed my skateboard and went to the bank to open a new
    account at chase. On the way there I just kept get higher and HIGHER. I was stupid high, let me tell you.
    So I walk in with this massive grin and this nice fella assisted me to a seat so he could get all my info.
    Guys, I had the worst case of the giggles ever. I could not keep my shit together, I was geeking so bad.
    Every question he would ask I would just die with laughter. To the point I was crying and all that, I was
    making somewhat of a scene. Luckily the banker was cool as hell about it and stayed professional
    throughout the process of opening a new account for me.
    The point of this post is to have respect for powerful edibles. I was one of those dudes who ate massive
    amounts of edibles and not be that high. I had a high tolerance at this point in life prior to eating that
    cookie and NEVER thought I would get that ripped.
    just wanted to share....5 gram cookie for ya.

  2. Holy fuck dude, I can imagine. I get wrecked after one decent firecracker so a five gram cookie would really fuck me up.
  3. Dude I had 4 gs the other day and Shit I feel u but I wasn't laughing I wanna just like 0_o all day.

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  4. haha yeah man, potent edibles are nothing to be played with
  5. right right i'd imagine you were stuck!

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