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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by TheHempress, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. This is the reply I got back from my State Representative, Joe Pitts. I'm surprised I actually got this in the mail

    This is exactly what he sent me..I didn't edit it one bit
  2. sounds like he just campaigning to me...
  3. It's like he threw you a bone and then a big smelly sack of crap. It's funny because his approach worked.. It's the first line that got me:

    If not for that I wouldn't have scanned through the message at all, this way I actually read through a good chunk of it.

    If he's ever once talked to an educated marijuana smoker he would know that most of the things in his reply are easily refutable.

    I say impeach 'em.
  4. Thats close to what I got.

    I asked that the government officals be drug tested. My reply was.......

    They are trying to stop the growth of marijuanna useage in our youth. He went own to say he is not against private use as long as it is in the privacy of peoples homes and it didn't effect the house hold on a negative basis.

    They know how to justify what they want and then give you a little security. I'd say they may just be setting us up as well..

    I did make the statement that if they were to set aside one day, adn then drug test the wholke world, they would have to jail about 80% of the public above 20 years of age for some kind of drug.. He agreed!

    Makes you wonder what they are really trying to do!
  5. I thought it was interesting how he didn't give me any sources to back up his "facts"

    I guess he thought I was naive enought to take his word for it :p
  6. I think that eithersome secretary wrote that and he just signed it or he sends the same document out to anybody writing him on the issue. To tell the truth, I surprised he even bothered. Kind of sweet that you actually got a response, and maybe if enough of us sent letters, things would change, but I, for one, am far to lazy. I doubt any sweeping change in U.S. drug policies will happen without pressure from other, neighboring countries(i.e. Canada). I hope that shit will change someday soon, but it's kind of a pipe-dream. I must laud you for actually taking the time out of your day to write a letter, and thank you for sharing the response.
  7. I get a response just about everytime I send a letter or an email. I have so many emails in my filing cabinet from my reps responding to my daily ones and I have a folder on my desk with letters that I have received in the mail from them. I forward their responses to SSDP and other organizations so that they can use them in their fights for our cause.

    I get form letters that are just typed and signed but I also receive real responses as well. I have been stunned by the amount of responses that I get where they actually put thought into the letter.

    My brother is in politics so I know that these reps have their staff write their letters. Sometimes, they get involved but usually it is the staff that handles our incoming mail and email. These politicians depend on the people that work for them so it's important that you realize that it isn't just the rep that you need to persuade. You'd be surprised at how much influence they have in the office of the Governor or Senator or whoever you write. The staff doesn't always agree with their boss and some can easily sway their decisions, especially if a good amount of the general public has voiced their opinions on the matter in question.

    Bud Head...I don't think they will ever DT government officials. They only have security checks every 7 years and that isn't often enough, in my opinion. They would have to hold too many people accountable with their findings and I don't think that they are ready to take that chance.
  8. yea i know they won't. iwas just getting a point across that if they are going to make it hell for us they need to look at themselves too!
  9. I couldn't agree with you more!!!
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^ ditto
  11. is there any way that we can see the letter you sent them.....thanks.....peace....MrSbb
  12. It was a email I sent, and I don't have the copy...I've sent a couple to him, so I don't know exactly which one he responded to :p
  13. o ok...thanks....peaces....MrSbb
  14. We all need to flood the Reps, Senators, Govenors, and the congressmen with letters at least once a week!
  15. I've had to take those fucking surveys in 8th 10th and 12th grade and I would just like to point out that half of the surveys have bullshit answers bwcause lets face it the maturity level of eighth graders does not mix well with questions like
    I have used crack cocain
    A) Occasionally in the last three months B) on a daily bases C) I have never used crack cocain

    You think eighth graders actually take that shit seriously and answer truthfully?
  16. Hahahah..I've taken those surveys too...I always said I was a daily user for everything...hahahha

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