I'd like to see your grow!!

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  1. I'm just trying to get some different ideas. Like what are some techniques you use or of you just want to show off what you got going, I'd love to see it.

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  2. OK..here;) :p

    It's all about the Secret Sauce..LOL
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  3. Currently growing 6 jock horror autos in coco. 3 300w marshydro led for lights. About a month into flowering. This is on of my plants.[​IMG][​IMG]

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  4. 2 Mad Scientist from Sannies Seeds. Day 30 of flower. Really wish I popped 4 instead of 2 but oh well.

    3'x3'x6' grow tent, 3 gallon smart pots, FFOF soil mixed with perlite, "1,000 Watt" LED that's actually 180 watts (marketing is BS), general organics go box, 4" carbon filter and exhaust fan.

    It's my first grow so i didn't top or anything, just some very minor LST. If you even want to call it that. I just kinda push down on the upper fan leaves a little so they grow out more instead of up.

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  5. Nice!! I'll be running a similar tent but as for lighting, I'm running with 150w hps with the 4 inch carbon filter and fan as well, except it'll be in a 2x2x5 tent, only for one plant at a time. So what is that perlite you mixed with your soil? What does it do?
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    20170822_193206.jpg 20170829_130733-01.jpeg I'm on day 26 of flower, on an unknown bagseed strain. (Any ideas?) No idea what this is, but it's looking kinda pretty. Despite the fact that I'm having a severe problem with nutrients that I'm fumbling my way through, she's looking ok.

    Photo is a cell phone snap. Samsung Galaxy S8+.
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  7. Not nearly as good as what other people have going. Just a seed and a cfl desk lamp. About to repot this week. [​IMG]

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  8. Perlite is basically a bunch of really small volcanic rocks that you mix in with your soil to help with drainage and aerate the soil. it's honestly a must have, it'll help prevent overwatering and keep your roots from rotting. I think it also helps the roots grow through the soil to find oxygen but I could be wrong about that part.
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  9. Really cheap to order if you can't find it anywhere in your area.

    Fem Auto (Amnesia Haze) Come on in and share your auto grow! This is my first

    Bag seed grow journal (Flowering)
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  10. You should go to the Grow Journal section of Grasscity and you'll find all of the grows you want - hundreds and hundreds of them.


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  11. 2 of them are doing good... lol

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