I'd like to cut back on how much I smoke and need some advice.

Discussion in 'General' started by willow, Nov 7, 2009.

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    I'm smoking way too much for my wallet and lungs. I can't get high from a vaporizor, or I'd switch to that for my lung's sake. I can't just quit because I smoke for medicinal purposes, but I won't lie and say I don't also love the stuff and I smoked it long before I needed it. I also can't keep spending this kind of money on it.

    Whenever I cut back, I get sick, so I'm assuming I'm trying to cut back too much at once. Just so you have an idea of how much I'm smoking, it's not too bad. I smoke an O a month. I've only been smoking for the past 4 months, after taking a 2 year break from herb. I smoked before that 2 year break and had been for about 8 years. The most I smoked before was an eighth in a month.

    I'd like to get to where I only smoke 3 times a day. Do any of you have any ideas and advice on cutting back? Thanks, in advance.
  2. wow, I smoke a 1/4 in 4 days through a bong. Have been for the past year, now. Y'aint got nothin.
  3. the great thing about lowering your tolerance is you can do it slowly but it'll take longer, but your highs will get better slowly

    if you smoke 4 times a day now, try to cut down to 3 for a couple days. once you're ready go down to 2. hold that for a bit and down to 1. the once ready again try 1 every two days.

    if you actually just cut down to smoking once a day it'll work well because sleep always rests your receptors so when you wake up you'll be refreshed for another toke.

    so ya just cut down gradually to avoid heavy withdrawl that i know o so well
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    Jake 'N Bake,

    Yeah, I know it's not too bad, but I'm a mom, in grad school and work. It's too much for me right now. I'm trying to make responsible decisions with my money and each month when I budget, I get sick when I see what I'm spending on it. I'd rather be saving that for my son's college. That's what I plan to do with the extra money when I cut back. I have a long time to save because he's little. I spend too much because I'm pretty new to the area I'm living in and my connect is through a Harvard student, so I'm pretty sure she's getting ripped off by someone because I'm paying more than I should be. That's the way it goes when you're new, I guess. I'm friends with her and trust her, so I don't think it's her who's ripping me off. I think her source probably just assumes she's a snotty, rich Harvard student who is easy to rip off because most are.

    I like a clear-headed high that helps for my medical issues better, so I smoke good stuff, which is part of the problem. When I switch to cheaper stuff, it just gives me headaches, makes me feel too dopey and doesn't last. IMO, that makes it cost more for me in the long run, but maybe I'm wrong. Opinions?

    I also am finding that I need a clear head for my toddler, but I just can't stand how sick I get when I cut back. I think I'm just doing it wrong or something.
  5. i would look into growing a couple of your own plants.
  6. i find that if i wait all day and smoke at night the high is a lot better. its hard to resist wake n bakes, brunch n bakes, lunch n bakes, early dinner n bakes, dinner n bakes, primetime tv n bakes, late night tv n bakes, infomercial n bakes, pre sleep n bakes. lotta baking, think i needa cut back....
  7. Sounds like you aren't happy with your current situation. That's your body telling you "hey I think your taking things too far'

    Weed can get people mentally addicted easily. It goes from a J a day to a blunt or 2..then before ya know it your smokin 8ths in a couple hours...

    It's fun smokin a shiload from time to time...but not all the time.

    Next time you want to smoke just set yourself a cut-off limit. Put about 1 gram in a bag...that's your smokes for the day or next couple days.

    It all comes down to self control..

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