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  1. So, as of this week me and my mom have been talking more frequently than usual. A few nights ago she was telling me about this documentary she was watching at work about cannabis, and she sounded pretty excited about it. She doesn't know I smoke, but it's never okay to rule something out. Just now we were talking and we were talking about her insomnia. I wanted to ask her if she has ever considered medical marijuana, because I believe it would benefit her. She has horrible insomnia, some sort of pain in her knee that she rejected surgery for, and she gets migraines every now and again. Part of me just screams out to roll a joint and ask her if she wants to smoke it, but I don't know how she will react. I am her oldest son, I just graduated, I'm moving out in a couple weeks, and I would like some advice from some fellow blades. So, what do you think? Should I try and push her towards the medical, should I medicate her myself? I am at a loss.

    Any input from parents would be awesome, I would like to know how you would react if you were in my mother's shoes for either situation. She is re-married and I don't know if her husband would like it if she started to toke, but it kind of seems like she is throwing me these hints because she was talking to me about the cannabis documentary and her insomnia.
  2. Ask! In this day and age, I highly doubt anyone would turn their back on their own son over weed. Of course, we aren't the ones who know yo' momma, you are. Even if she doesn't wanna toke, putting it out in the open that you smoke might be good for your relationship AND who knows? Eventually she may open up and try it.

    It sounds to me like she might have the same dilemma and wants to tell YOU that SHE'S toking as well. Just throwin' it out there!
  3. Just ask her if she has ever smoked pot? What she thinks of it etc. Keep asking her questions about it. Ask all the questions your asking us. Ask her if her job would ever find out, what her husband would think.. just be curious but don't reveal much about yourself at the same time.

    Show her The Union.

    Also, if your leaving in a few weeks, what would it hurt if she found out you smoked?
    I wish my mom was as interested as your mom, it would be cool to be with my parents when they first got high or even got high. Might bring you two closer!
  4. My friend is actually in a similar situation. He just told her that I would be the one supplying it so she didn't find out he smoked. He told her that I use it for my medical problems too and that I could get her some. He never had to admit to smoking, and his mom was totally into it.
  5. Ask her if she would ever consider MMJ, if the answer is tell her you could probably get some for her from someone to try. If she says sure, blaze that shit up bro ;)
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    marijuana does help insomnia. I would try baking her a brownie to start off if shes not up for the idea of smoking it.

  7. I'd beg to differ. It's the only thing that has actually helped my insomnia at all!:)
  8. sorry I meant to say does

  9. Oh, alright, my bad.:D
  10. I guess it depends on whether the bud is indica or sativa, cuz usually when I smoke the stuff around here (just mids) at night I want to stay up later, I usually go to bed cuz I get bored of the day and run out of things to occupy my time, and weed just makes the most boring shit worth staying up for lol.
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  12. Yeah what they said, ask her questions about it like has she ever tried it, and stuff like that.

    As for what weed she should smoke it's INDICA and only indica, for her insomnia. Get some Purple and then give it to her and that will put her right to sleep, I guarantee.

    I have bad insomnia too, every night, and I'll be getting my medical card when I move out, for insomnia and for chronic pain (pancreatitis) and will be smoking purple to get to sleep, and sativa in the daytime when I just want to get high but stay awake :p

    Right now I'm baked off some Blue Dream which is blueberry kush x haze, and this won't put me to sleep unless I'm just so high that I fall into another world. When I went to my friends house and we smoked his purple, we both pretty much passed out, we both fell asleep where we were, and it was honestly the best sleep of my life. Indica makes your sleep so much more enjoyable too, it's like a fresh start in the morning.

    Whoa yeah sorry for that long thing lol I'm super stoned.

    Good luck man, it will help her.

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