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I'd like some advice on getting a dealer please. :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NerveSaw, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Okay, so my basic situation is this:

    I used to smoke weed in highschool, and it was easy to get back then because all of the people in my crowd of friends smoked. In fact, I was being given weed left and right at the time since I'm a girl. :p

    After highschool, I didn't really do any drugs.

    Now, I am 28 years old. I don't know *anyone* who does any sort of drug.

    I recently was going out with a guy who smokes weed, and he got me back into it. However, now that we've broken up, I find myself wanting weed and again.. not knowing a single person who smokes it!

    How do you get a dealer and get back into smoking weed when you're so out of the loop?

    I wish I had convinced my ex to let me meet the guy he gets his weed from, since the guy grows it himself, charges very low rates and has really good stuff. I made the mistake of just letting him pick it up, and now I have no contact of my own. :(

    Do you have any advice for someone in my situation? I'm sort of in a professional type of job, so it isn't that likely anyone I know would be willing to admit to smoking.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. if u have any friends that smoke maybe you could ask them for a connect or if they could get it for you
    if not...i guess you could go to a local club or bar maybe and ask around...
  3. The only piece of advice in such a situation, is just try not to look like a cop and hang about outside a head shop until some stoners come along then suck them off for drugs.

    kind regards,

  4. Get to know your local bartender.
  5. servers at restaurants and bartenders can always get buds. tip well, be cool, they'll help you out. also tells you where to find buds anywhere.
  6. This is very true. I work at a restaurant in Cinci that will remain unnamed, and I purchase AMAZING dank from two of the servers that work there. Play your cards right and you might end up getting a connect in a restaurant.
  7. That's why I suggested the friendly neighborhood bartender. I've actually hooked up in various cities while travelling on business by chatting up my hotel bartender, tipping him or her well, then hitting them up the next night.
  8. Ok I am in the same situation as you are, heres what I found.

    Don't hang around head shops cause honestly, everyone will think your a cop. I did this for bout two weeks and it was obvious that people didn't trust me. I'm guessing since like me you didnt smoke til later on that you dont look like a toker.

    When it came down to it you have to ask a "friend" this could be a person you drank with one night or w/e. Approaching random people really never worked for me. I broke my dry spell by simply talking around for 5 mins with a co-worker exchanging stories I told one stupid high story then he told one and soon I just simply said if he could help me out and that I had been dry for a month he just simply said sure called his guy and now I'm picking up a half in a few hours.

    Simply put when asking a person dont ask straight up chat with them, relax them then ask. If they are a good toker they will help you.
  9. Im only 18 so I dont really know about bartenders having good connects but w/e, guess its good to know when im 21 haha. Anyways if you broke up w/ your boyfriend on good terms and you dont think it would be awkward to call him you can ask if he can help you out w/ his dealer.

    Prob not a good idea if you broke up badly though haha

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