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  1. And say that my fellow GC political junkies are dope as fuck. You guys know your shit, and still stay pretty respectful (even you Stoned Budda. I still like you. And sorry for saying STFU, that was uncalled for). I really enjoy the debate. Keep it up fellas. :D
  2. Nobody wants to share the love with me? :(
  3. Yeah we got us some smart fellars here at GC. :smoking:

    Hell, I don't even touch most of these threads because I'm not nearly as knowledgeable in politics as many of the people who post in this forum. :p
  4. Of course everyone likes it. I mean even though not one of us can really do anything about our politicians except vote and write a letter or two we still love to debate about it.

    D.L. Hughley is comparing republicans to nazis because of the country first slogan.:rolleyes:

    god I hate cnn all they have is democratic analysts after the RNC.

    I mean come on. At least Fox has both even though they won't let the democrat talk. :D
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    And have you seen MSNBC? Waaayyy liberal. It bothers me that the 24 hour news shows don't make an effort to be objective. Although CNN puts on Glenn Beck, a man who might actually be worse than Bill O'reilly. So you republicans have to be happy with that.

    The only places you can trust anymore are PBS and Comedy Central (not objective, but not full of shit). And Brian Williams is a pimp. But that's the extent of the journalists I really trust.
  6. I compare the (current) republicans to nazis because of their censorship of the media, Unwarranted / Unjust invasions of other countries, use of torture in detention facilities held outside of the country, suppression of free speech, threats and violence towards its own citizens, and its overall manipulative and deceptive manner. :D

  7. Don't forget the gas chambers....opps..shit did i say that...
  8. Its not a matter of trusting, I don't think. Because by 'trusting' you are believing it the person (or corporation) that is giving you the information. The information is the key to the whole shenanigans.

    The problem with CNN and Fox is that they do provide information (although obviously biased), but they don't give you every piece of information, only the ones that serve their interests.

    I would suggest listening to the likes of Alex Jones, or visiting one of his sites infowars.com.
    He, too, is very biased in his beliefs, but put that aside. and put aside all the preconceived 'conspiracy theory' bullshit, too. Just take in the information that it provides. From there you can dig and find out for yourself and believe YOUR version of events given the available information. There is no need to identify with one standard set of beliefs. You don't have to be a republican, or a democrat, or a liberal, or a christian. You can take what information you have gathered and assess it purely on fact vs fiction, and be an individual.

    When you trust, and rely on someone else to tell you what is right and what is wrong, you open yourself up, wide and vulnerable, to manipulation and deception. We need to stop, as a society, being so content with this dumb and comfortable lifestyle we're living.

    And you can't blame the people who are manipulating you. It is evil, no doubt, but you must respect it. You have only yourself to blame, you allowed it to happen. There is a thread in the Spirituality and Philosophy section discussing Karma; As I have said in that thread, the more energy that is put into something, the greater the result. We aren't living a good life, we're living a hateful, comfortable one. Thats a lot of people. Thats a lot of energy. I would argue this is a good example of what I was trying to express in that thread.
  9. Basically if you put in "msnbc bias, fox news bias, cnn bias" into a search on youtube
    you'll get results.
  10. It's funny how quickly a love thread, turned into a bashing of the liberals for D-bag.

    Check his first post, it took exactly two sentences. Not that he is a_______(that which we can not see)_________.

    As for news organizations, I think most of them are concerned more with ratings than with truth, therefore I don't listen to them. But when I overhear them, they are almost always spouting lies.

  11. Bashing?

    I just made a statement about CNN and then I even said something about Fox.

    No one saw it as. "bashing"
  12. No one at your highschool sees it as bashing.
    Quit hijacking threads! D-bag.
  13. Do you speak for all the people you know, all the people who speak your native language, or just all the people of earth at once?

    Omnipotence must be wonderful.

    I used the term "bashing" in a playful sense, since of course, there is no physical way to bash something on the internet.

    I was actually referring to the non-sequitor about D.L. Hughley, and his taken out of context statement on America, that you seemed to be using as red herring #1.

    The statement he made had nothing to do with the subject at hand, and was neither informative, nor really relevant, and appeared to be a distraction and an unwarranted spin on race relations.

    2 minutes in the penalty box for 'high-sticking'. ;)

    Sorry TD, I feel sort of like the Reefer Referee sometimes, so I'm just playing with my whistlestick.:D

    The keyword is 'playing'.
  14. Yeah man the Politics forum is nice. A lot more constructive when all the politic threads were in General.

    When talking about the media I think an important thing to remember is that no news organization is perfect. It's more important to recognize the slant and bias in the individual reports rather than which corporations are known for slant and bias imo. You can't always discount something reported on Fox but the abundant bias and slant is so prevalent it's hard to consider 99% of what Fox reports as news. I also think that people need to realize the difference between real journalistic reporting and entertainment, which a lot of so called "news" falls into imo.
  15. I do love this forum, I wish I could post more but I like Junkiedays am not 100% up on everything, so I kind of just pick and choose my jabs...
  16. Sorry to take it further from the OT,

    But its good to know who owns each news station, and how they benefit from their bias.

    GE - owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC - Giant defense contractor, numerous counts of fraud in nationbuilding over the years. Stole $69 million from taxpayers in 1992 for nation building. Donated $1.1 million to Bush in 2000, and Microsoft 2.4 million.

    Westinghouse - owns CBS. Headed by Carlyle Group. Nuclear waste disposal and nuclear energy developers.

    Disney - owns ABC, majority investor in Sid R. Bass crude oil. $640,000 to Bush in 2000.

    Time Warner - CNN, donated $1.6 million to Bush in 2000.

    Murdoch - All NewsCorp affiliates ( too many to list). At the head of Philip Morris. Donated $2.9 million to Bush in 2000.
  17. Yeah the Carlyle Group are also gargantuan arms dealers and are heavily involved in the defense sector. Good post bro!

  18. Sorry bub, already graduated. but they were full of liberals too oh the horror!

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