Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. hummm.... its weird, people keep changing their icons, usualy i just give the icon a glance and know who it is, and they swich it and i finally get used to that... and it swiches again, =( confusing
  2. which is why, despite my icon being sux0r, it is always been the same :)
  3. lol, yeh, thats what i think it is ;)


    He symbolizes my anti-governmental, yet appreciative of those who fight for the plant, type attitude.
    and hes a stoner low key...shh don't tell, but arnold, we know your secret ;)

  4. ya, usualy when i call it a avitar people are like whats that?? and it really buggs me so i just say icon so everyone knows what it is =)

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