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  1. Hey everyone. This is my second attempt at growing my own. The first time, I had very little space and ended up putting my plant in the woods near a creek. It grew tall and lanky and... male. D:

    Anyway, I'm an amateur. I'm just a girl wanting to get some free bud and enjoying the process of nurturing a living thing from seed to smoke.

    Onto the pictures!!
    This is my biggest and healthiest plant. It's about four inches tall, at around 3 weeks. (We had a very cold week randomly and it slowed growth down a bit.) Right now I've got two that I'm working on... One is a few days younger and a little skinnier. Plus, it got chewed on by bugs before I moved it up onto the balcony.
    A shot of both of my little ones. <3
    And another.
    The skinny, slightly damaged one. Oddly enough, it has developed a scent before the bigger one. I wonder if that means something.
    I've also got this set up just in case these two are male. They're my backup. All of them have been sprouted in a saucer of water left in the sun. I just put them in soil today.

    Fingers are crossed for a female plant! Like I said, I'm an amateur... the seeds I used are of an unnamed variety, nothing guaranteed. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone else's journals here. It's all so inspiring! And if you have any advice or see something I'm doing wrong, feel free to speak up!

    Next update in a week.
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    Looks great =) keep it up , can't go wrong outdoor :rolleyes: So what kind of soil ya got? Everything looks a bit wet. Moisture is the key... Foggy pores in the root zone. Not soaked/saturated Let everything dry out very well inbetween waterings.

    Doing great awesome start. Welcome to GC , you came to the right place to share and learn with an Ongrowing community.

    I'm watching.
  3. Thank you, Hypeshot! Yeah, I keep it all very wet. I water every other day... does that seem like too much? I really want to get this right!!
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    I'm not a huge expert like some of the guys on here, but I do know a lot about plants in general and watering is a matter of need and not a pre-determined schedule.

    Things to really take a look at before you consider whether it needs water or not:

    How moist is the soil? Is the topcoat moist but maybe primarily dry throughout?

    How does the plant look?

    What is the temperature going to be like?

    My plants in my thread tend to wilt in as little as a few hours if it is hot out and they aren't given any water. Although most people here probably don't have the time to micromanage their plants hour by hour, just make sure the soil you use has good drainage and you will be fine to water them frequently. Just try to get a feel for the plant!

    hope this helps ^_^

    EDIT: Ice, also, make a link to your grow in your signature!
  5. Ok, got the link up! :D Thanks, I wouldn't have thought to do that.
    I haven't seen any wilting so far, so I guess I've gotten a good idea for when they need to be watered. I know I'm probably not overdoing it. And yeah, their drainage is good. When I started them in the cups, I poked a hole with my finger in the base of the cup. Thanks so much for all the info. :)

    Yours are looking awesome, by the way! I hope mine catch up and look like that soon. <3
  6. I love marijuana :hello:
  7. I just couldn't wait a week. I had to update!

    Sadly, the six sprouts that I began are no longer with us. :( Two never progressed far enough to break the surface of the dirt. The the rest, including one particularly promising-looking individual, sprouted fine but were eaten by insects during the night.
    So, in response, I've started six more in a saucer of water, left in the sun. I'm not going to give up that easily. :)

    Anyway, I was planning to take pictures of them in a few days, but I noticed this on my smaller plant....
    Do any of you know what that is? It looks like maybe another set of leaves was about to sprout, then died? Or is it something else? Either way, this plant smells much more strongly than the other.
    Here's a shot of my bigger plant.
    The leaves are getting much longer! :D
    And a closeup of my smaller one.
    I should name these two! But I think I want to be sure they're girls before I do that. Fingers crossed!
    Next to each other for comparison! This picture is what inspired me to make this post, aside from the bug-related disaster. When I saw this compared to what I posted on Saturday, I was impressed. I guess they're doing better than I thought.
    One more!

    Thanks for reading! :D I will be updating again soon!
  8. They look good. The one on the right looks like it is stretching a bit. I'm no expert just sayin lol. Well keep up the good work and good luck with them lady's.
    Peace and blaze on.:smoking:
  9. Thanks!! :D
    Yeah, I thought it was stretching too, for a while. But it appears pretty strong... the wind doesn't move it around very much.
  10. Some wind *but not TOO MUCH!* is very good for them! I let my plants get a lot of outdoor exposure when the temperature and weather was good, the stems are hella thick now. Will support mad buds :) i'm sure your's will too!
  11. So cute....I love the babies...
  12. Hey Ice looking great , I find that by covering my sprout with 2 liters or something simular they tend to make it past the un-easy stages. just cover them with something well vented(poke holes) and when you start to see some growth let them get Full sun. Chances are nothing will be able to kill them at that point.

    Every other day does not sounds good , and Moist does not sound good. You want your pots to look dry , it will never only be wet at the top and not underneath unless your only adding a little bit of water.

    Everything should dry out untill you really start to notice how light the cup of soil is , it will look completely dry on top , but there will be plenty of moisture inside.

    Once you are completely sure it has almost dried out , add JUST enough water to last till tommarow. So that in 24 hours it has just barely any moisture. Considering yours are in the FULL sun. That may mean adding a decent amount of water but not saturating your roots so they can't breath.

    Look into some really good soil. Fox Farms ocean Forest , or look into buying very light bags of soil like pro-mix and mixing up your own really good recipe. What kind of soil did you say you had?

    Take a look at THIS if you want your medicine to be as potent as possible but don't know a damn thing about dirt.

    > Super Soil 101 - - Marijuana Forums

    I also recommend a brand of soil additive made for mixing called rainbow mix Grow/Bloom ... it's some really kick ass stuff. little bit of that with some worm castings , and dolomite lime and your all set. Perferably mixed into a inert soil (pro-mix) and at the rates recommended on the bag.

    Be sure to take a step back from my Posted LINK , SubCool also has many other 101 and growing guids. Stick around and share what you have learned.
  13. Thank you for all the recommendations, but honestly, I have been pilfering potting soil from a pile behind the neighbor's house. The fertilizer I'm using was given to me by my mother. I'm on an incredibly tight budget and can't really afford any of those awesome-sounding things, heh. Maybe once I get a raise... :eek:
  14. Yesterday evening, I graduated my plants to actual pots. They look kinda silly now, but they'll grow into them!
    I had just watered them before I took the pictures. They aren't normally this wet, no worries!
    A closeup of one the shorter one of the two, my favorite...
    And then, my garden was invaded by Pokemon.
    Epic battles were fought.
    But Lucario always wins.
    Have a nice evening, guys... :smoke:
  15. :hello:Hooray , your plants will surely grow into the new pots
  16. I think the nutes I got are starting to kick in!! Their growth rate has really sped up. It's like they're get better-looking right before my eyes!
    My shorter, leafier one. The favorite. Look at those shiny leaves! The newer leaves are so much more brilliant green than the leaves they grew before I fertilized.
    And my taller, skinnier plant. It's the Luigi to my bigger plant, hehe. Still beautiful, though. I'm wondering if maybe it's a different strain than my thicker plant.
    But what is this? After my second batch of new sprouts were eaten by bugs, I gave up on them for a while and took the soil from the seed planters to fill one of these pots. One of the seeds must have been a late-bloomer and survived! :D I'm going to keep caring for it, of course.
    One more of the favorite!
    Next update soon! :D
  17. the pokemon will most definitely increase the potency to 459302% THC:cool:

  18. Nice Looking Plants Keep it Up, I will be watching to see some bud porn !
  19. Just a quick post to let you guys know I'm still growing and haven't been caught. :wave:

    My plants have more than doubled in size since my last update. I will have more pictures tomorrow when the light is better.

    For now, I've moved my three into the house. They were almost a foot tall and becoming VERY recognizable. My paranoia finally got to me, so I brought them inside.

    Also, my healthier plant sustained bug damage around the top, on the main stem. I'm so disappointed. I'm hoping like hell that the top of the plant, where the new leaves are sprouting, isn't going to shrivel up and die because of its injuries. I'm keeping an eye on it, but there's nothing I can do.
    So, anyway, here's my little temporary set-up... I've got to get a tarp or some newspapers to go under the planters. Also, I've added a second light, so it's brighter in there now. (Don't let the photos fool you!)
    Keep your fingers crossed for me! And I'll be re-potting my poor plant in the corner within a day or two. I just ran out of potting soil. :/
  20. Looking good!

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