Iced Earth!

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What do you think of Iced Earth?

  1. They Rule!

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  2. Sounds alright, wouldn't buy it.

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  3. Wtf, are you insane?! I don't listen to metal!

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  4. Iced Earth? What's that?

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  1. So, who here has heard of Iced Earth?
    I'm really enjoying their newer stuff, just got "The Glorious Burden" a few weeks ago, and I listen to it on and off.
    "The Glorious Burden" has two cds, one of which is called, "Gettysburg (1863)", which basically tells the entire story of Gettysburg in song. For all of you patriotic folk out there who enjoy classic metal with that hard edge to it, this is a good CD to buy.

    ...then again, I own every Iced Earth CD :p
  2. my old room mate is a hardcore fan of death metal, he likes them, but me im more of a person who likes lighter rock, but i must admit there are some songs that i can groove on. i like a couple songs from nile.
  3. Death metal? nah, thats closer to Bal-Sagoth than Iced Earth.

    Bal-Sagoth is hard to understand even if you're not sober.
    But it's still got great guitar riffs alongside the instrumentals.
    I listen to way more than just metal and rap, but metal is really one of those things that I hold special because it basically got me into music.
  4. Iced Earth was kinda cheesy when I saw them, but now they have an amazing drummer that used to be in one of the best bands ever(death - richard christy). So who knows, maybe I'd like em more now, they have a new singer right?
  5. Yeah, the new singer is Tim Owens, who went into Priest in the stead of Halford after Halford left the band...
    (Now Halford is back with Priest and Owens is Iced Earth's new singer.) I can't say I liked any of their live stuff as much as the CD releases themselves, Something Wicked This Way Comes was definitely the best before The Glorious Burden...I wasn't too sure how Horror Show fit into the whole equation, but Dark Genesis (at least it was a good tribute album) was a good spin in the cd player. The reviews are always going to be differing when key members of the band change, but The Glorious Burden placed pretty damn well on the charts for being non-mainstream.

    Link to an interview with Tim Owens.


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