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Ice Your Bong.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chipcago, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Alright, little story to tell from last night. Just an experience story, nothing really fancy, but just a tip for anyone who's skeptical. Many of you have probably heard about putting ice in your bong. Many of you have probably tried it. But many of you, like me, probably wondered how truly efficient it is. I was definitely skeptical, but last night, during a session, I remembered something. I was smoking with my brother, we were using the bong. So I tell him... "Hey, man, let's put ice in there!" So, he gave it a shot. And it was a late night session, parents asleep and everything. So its a bummer that his bong is a little bit small, and the tube isn't wide enough to take down ice cubes. So we crushed it using the fridge. And it was noisy. But we sat inside, and dropped the ice in the bong. Then we went out to finish the bowl. And let me tell you, it's the coolest smoke you'll ever inhale. It worked like a charm. It's a little tougher to pull the smoke up through the ice, but so worth it. It's like a rush of cold air. You are able to take gigantic hits without worrying about coughing.


  2. Yeh, i try to use ice as much as possible, but it gets tedius(sp?) adding ice everytime you wanna toke
  3. That's true. But if you're planning on getting really high, and you want to take more, larger hits, ice it. You can take the biggest rip of your life and not cough.
  4. duh, icecatchers are pretty common in bongs. they cool down the smoke a lot and make hits easier to take. i love em.
  5. yeah i always do that

    we have a 2 ft bong, and we put big ass ice cubes in it

    i can get it milky as fuck and clear it without even feeling anything. its really cool

    gets be burnt as hell too:smoking:
  6. Your mouth feels so fresh afterwards.. it's like listerine that gets you high :D
  7. i love smoking a bowl when you've got some form of strong mint in your mouth, tastes better the more smoke you inhale...
  8. Thats awsome, I've done it a couple times, but if you've used Halls water its way fucking better.
  9. do you just you ice or ice water?
  10. Ah, I love ice. Even better is ice with Halls water. So soothing.
  11. ahh man ice in the bong cools the smoke much more,espicially cubed ice in the tube helps it even better.

    i love watching the ice melt in the bong from the smoke that's always cool to watch when ur high.

    NEVER EVER put green apple pucker in a bong it tastes soo fucken nasty
  12. Or Listerine. My homie did it and i was mad fucked up. Drunk and on pills.

    Woke up next day throwin up like fuck. Went to take a hit from the bong when after i threw up and smelled the listereine and then i remeberd what we did. Shits horrible after effects. I think the taste was sweet from what i can remeber though.
  13. Ice in the biong is a must especially for salvia cause that smoke is harsh and nasty.
  14. Yeah stick with water in the bong, and ice is pretty cool, altho water levels gets annoying sometimes.
  15. lol good to know....

    Also, for a small bong how would you control the water levels? or do you just add more water when the ice melts (or I suppose add more ice)?
  16. i dont smoke out of my bong unless i put ice in it. who wants to hit a cloud of hot smoke. ew
  17. if you have a big ass freezer, the best thing to do is freeze the entire bong itself, then put ice in it :cool:
  18. just be careful when the icecubes melt, can make the bong overflow!
  19. Lmao, that's awesome dude. Thanks for the tip, I'm definitely gonna try this next time I'm in possesion of a bong. :D
  20. did this last night with a friend but we put the ice in the base of his bong (like diffuser marbles but switched with ice cubes lol) and yes its smooth as fuck but i use ice for certain occasions (1 hitting my bong when im bored at home for the day)

    but most stoners to lazy to full there bong with ice lol so they say fuck it like me.

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