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Ice Water Extraction

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by marpez123, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. I tried to make bubble hash today using the ice water extraction method. Results were very disappointing. Very little was extracted and I think it was because I used frozen sugar trim that was nearly one year old. Seek responses from experienced hash makers using this method of extraction. Thanks.
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  2. It always seemed like so much work... How long did it take and how many bags did you use?

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  3. @marpez123
    Try dry ice extraction next time.
    Filled 7 small mason jars for about 140 grams of kief. 3 pictured.
    160 micron screen, about 1.5 pounds of good bud reduced to scraps.
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  4. Booyakashakalaka, there's my man! I can attest to the power of the ice that is dry. Save yo arms from the shaking and your hands from the ice water stir stir and Hashmaster 5000!
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  5. LMAO :) I have 18 more 1/2 gallon jars of summer bud destined for the maw of the Hashmaster.
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  6. I have a friend who does the dry ice method. I need to visit him sometime while he's doing it to see how it's done.

    I love my bubble hash...so that has always been my focus. In years past I've just used spare trim/etc. from >whatever< strain I was growing....but as legsality has set in here and has basically decimated the behind-the-scenes market...I've switched my long-term focus from slinging product to the streets to hash making... and now grow specifically to produce hash for my own use. (using full plants/buds/etc. as the "trim")

    So Brass....does the dry ice method produce different results (textures/colors/variaties of hash) from different strains like the bags do? I'm simply blown away at how different strains act differently in the bags. One may make gooey/stiicky bub....the next may make a more crumble-like...ear wax-like consistency.

    marpez.... so you have the bags and all....right? How much trim did you run? What did it yield? As far as the trim being in the freezer too long.... I dunno....I hear the hash snobs all the time saying that frezing for extended periods of time "bursts" the trichomes and screws thew pooch....but I've made bub from 1 year old frozen trim before and saw no real difference ion final product. It SURE DIDN'T SUCK....LOL

    Granted...and admittedly....bubble hash isn't the largest yielding method out there when it comes to hash but it is one of the cleanest methods. If you have enough trim...shit can get serious fast....

    Here are the first 3 runs I've done so far this season. (Lemon Chemdawg and Tri Fi) FWIW...These are ran in a small washing machine...no hand stirring. I just have too much trim for that shit...LOL.

    Marpez.....search for Frenchy Cannoli on Youtube. I modified my washer like he did and this method works very well. (No bag in the machine...just loose trim)

    Wanna get high?

  7. @beensmokin
    Yes. Texture is usually like play dough
    Color tends to blond to light brown
    Smells and flavors stay particular to each individual strain.
    Short video.

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