Ice pinch slides hit

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    I just got a ice pinch slide and used it on the roor with diffuser beads and ice (water of corse) and it hits soooo thick makes it kinda harsh? but that also was prolly a lil of the shitty weed part.

    Guess i need to try it with the orange kush i just picked up.

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  2. sorry if this is dumb but whats the point of an ice pinch?
  3. airflow like crazy!!! milks alot easier and dont have to mess aaround with screens:smoke:
  4. yes acutly with that my roor has like next to no pull to it now. soo stoked, and im a total believer in the diffuser beads for the bottom of a straight tube.
  5. lol wait till you smoke out of a good single chamber tree perc or an milks?:smoke:
  6. theres a milk or two in my my glass thread link in my sig. im gonna get a milk of the ice pinch slide and diffuser beads tomorrow. ill get it up by like 3ish
  7. still have that white bowl?
  8. ice pinch=no drag
  9. yes its my favorite
  10. lol ok nevermind then
  11. just got a ben wilson ice pince slide but its more like a honeycomb. its on ALT
  12. Screen pinches in slides is probably my most favorite innovation to smoking in recent years. A screen pinched bowl is just so functional. I bought 2 US Tubes slides(18 and 14) and a worked Kennaroo 1 from CK.

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