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Ice instead of water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scynt, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Can you just use alot of ice cubes in your bong instead of water I mean, ice is water... Just frozen. Also id I can recall right smoke is still attracted to ice a little. :smoke:
  2. Of course. You can even use your bong with nothing in it at all.
  3. You could try using crushed ice, there'd probably be more drag though.
  4. crushed ice works awsome
  5. ice cubes = no drag. the point of the bong is to have a drag to make the smoke smoother. try mixing ice and water
  6. i think i might try crushed ice in my zong tonight lol....see how it goes

  7. Please tell us how it goes:D
  8. will do lol...i'm pretty curious about this now...wish i was at home with the zong in hand haha
  9. For those who havn't tried using ice cubes in their bong, theyre missing out bigtime. I have a rather smaller acrylic bong which isn't suited for ice but i still use ice in it lol. To avoid drag or having the ice melt quickly, just use standard ice cubes instead of crushed ice.

    What you wanna do it have the ice cubes stacked on top of each other, blocking the main passage of the smoke, this forces the smoke to exit through the sides and coming in full contact with all the ice cubes as it reaches the top of the bong. This method will drastically lower the tempreture of the smoke and you will have the ability to take bigger hits than normal.

    Cooler smoke is better for your lungs and won't make you cough.
    Hope this helped. Enjoy and keep bunnin.
  10. cold water makes smoother hit, warm water in the bong will make denser hits
  11. Don't put large cubes where the water would go. If they move around violently, they could break the downstem.
  12. Now how about snow with winter around the corner?
  13. i dont think the ice would filter it good enough but i usually put ice in the bong water
  14. Of course you can. I have a big jug of water in the fridge, so I always put fresh cold water in my bong and a few ice cubes.
  15. Crushed ice water serves me best.
  16. With straight ice it's not going to be filtered, but you can drop some ice cubes into your water.
  17. I prefer crushed ice myself. When its winter time though you really gotta try SNOW! Its awesome.
  18. whenever i use crushed ice it generally forms a giant ice wad in my beaker
  19. i do crushed ice when i'm trying to be quite works swell.

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