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Ice dragon needed carb longer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2cent420, Dec 12, 2022.

  1. Made ice dragon and I don’t think I decarbed it long enough as my mate had a heroic dose of it and got nothing

    the weed was strong as fk
    The alcohol is strong as fk

    the end think tire did nothing and is separating too alcohol and resin looking bottom

    What can I do can it be saved making it into green dragon and boiling it or is it too late
  2. I believe you did not properly decarboxylate your plant matter. I also believe the separation you are seeing is the cuticle from the resin head. Everything has likely been dissolved in your alcohol.
    [​IMG]I believe @BrassNwood can guide you in how to save it by making RSO.
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  3. Yeah I think the same
    Was wondering as it says there is ice dragon and then green dragon where you heat it I didn’t know if the heating process now would still decarb it
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  4. The difference between a golden dragon tincture and green dragon tincture is only the process time once in the alcohol. Golden dragon tincture tends to be a single short wash. Green Dragon is processed longer and therefore picks up more chlorophyll. Both processes start off with the same decarboxylation procedure.

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