Ice Cream with no spoons..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Gryphonics, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. It's amazing.. it's like.. a new food. After just having a fat bowl and no clean spoons, this has honestly changed my life, fuck spoons. Glad I didn't wash those dirty fuckers.

    If you have ice cream, eat it with a fork. RIGHT NOW. It's amazing.
  2. And this guy is high as hell or a troll
  3. its the same taste bro...
  4. No man.. it doesn't taste different., It just feels way different eating it and it's like new, feels weird. You're not doing it right.

  5. HAHA you aren't eating your ice cream with a fork in the correct manor! psh i bet you feel dumb :p
  6. i can totaly see this....

    being fucking awesome. i mean, its ice cream, how else can that go wrong?
    unless of course, one does not know how to use a fork correctly.
  7. No bro all of you got it wrong , eat it with a knife
  8. when i read the title i really thought it was gona be like just shove your face into the ice cream its so much better.
  9. Fuck forks eat that shit out like a pig at a trough
  10. behold...
    ice cream spoon knife device thing.
  11. Eat it with a spork, meet you halfway.
  12. I just used my hands when I was a kid and didn't give a fuck.

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Try eating it with chopsticks, tell me it dont fell different.
  15. i thought this thread was gonna be about you eating ice cream with your hands
  16. [quote name='"home wrecker"']i thought this thread was gonna be about you eating ice cream with your hands[/quote]

    Me too. lol
  17. Yeah I use spoons when I'm out of hands, but I was out of hands and spoons so it was either knives or forks.

    Oh yeah and those bendy spatulas are awesome for launching ice cream.
  18. I think I can find a GIF for any thread. DARE ME.


  19. QFT. The fuck brah?
  20. What if the ice cream melts a little bit and it falls through the fork? Do you use forks for soup as well? Cut your steak with a can opener? Or for Christ sake peal your oranges with a TOASTER!!! Where does it end!!!

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