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Ice Cream Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jimmy W, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Got an ounce of "Ice Cream OG" from a friend yesterday and since I like to know about what I'm (purportedly) smoking, I've been reading what I can find online about it. Apparently there are at least two Ice Cream strains, one bred by Paradise Seeds simply called Ice Cream and another bred by Junky Genetics called Ice Cream Cake, but nothing called Ice Cream OG. I have a little Wedding Cake (obtained from the same source) and this "Ice Cream" smells a lot like the Wedding Cake. The two Ice Cream strains I've identified online (not counting one from Arizona that has an entirely different appearance going by pics of it; the other two Ice Cream strain pics online both look very similar to my eye and looks like the bud I've got) both have similar characteristics it seems, so it could be either one or something completely different. I don't think it's another example of Wedding Cake because it looks very different from the WC I have. About to try this Ice Cream OG for the first time.

    Anyone know anything about strains with Ice Cream in the name? Any experience with any of these or any like them?
  2. In my world there's good pot and not so good pot.
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  3. Whatever it is, it is definitely good pot! :thumbsup:

  4. home breeder mate,you want find info on them,im gulity myself ,i smoke something i like and as im hitting it i think damn this be good crossed with this,before you know it another strain.
    dont have to have documentation to be fire
  5. I just started 4 strains. One of them was gelato which I'm assuming means Ice cream in Italian? Never checked but sure I heard that somewhere so I'm sticking with it.
    Anyway, I dropped the seedling tray and the only one I lost was the bloody gelato.:(
  6. I have smoked and grown both.
    ICC Engine #7
    Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 ( Ind. Dominate)
    Ice Cream Cake #8 Wedding Cake X Gelato #33
    Gelato's stability best of the Cookie strains. Always good.
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  7. Indeed!

    This is probably for another thread, but I noticed that this and another strain I picked up with it (Alien OG) both get very sticky in a joint, to the point I end up having to stick it into a pipe or bong. It's super sticky and clings in the grinder a bit. Good stuff, super smooth, but doesn't smoke so easy. :confused_2:
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