Ice clones

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  1. my first hydroponic grow I grew 3 Big Bud and 3 Ice plants. I damaged the main root early on one of each strain, so those didn't grow well. Of the other 4, the other two Big Buds were male, and the third Ice just didn't grow very vigorous (I only vegged these to about 1 ft tall)

    In any case, Ice #2, as I like to call it, grew like crazy from the start and branched out immediately and overtook the space of the other plants and it is female.

    well unfortunately, after a couple weeks of 12/12 lighting these babies started to stink. yes yes you all told me they would, but i didn't understand how much. anyway, they smelled up my whole house pretty much so i had to get them out or do something.

    i ended up keeping the most vigorous male (Big Bud #1) and took as many clone cuttings from Ice #2 as I could. I destroyed the rest.

    for the Ice clones, I cut the stems diagonally under water, dipped them in Rootech gel and speared them into wet rockwool cubes. I clipped the ends off fan leaves. I put clones under 24/7 fluorescents 2' above the tops with a humidity dome. i've removed the dome for 20-30 minutes daily (with oscillating fan blowing) and misted them heavily with water before covering again.

    I took these clones about 6 days ago and leaves are still green and stems are turgid but no roots can be seen yet. i've tried before, but never been successful at cloning. i'm hopeful that this time will be different and I can set my clones outside to flower in the next couple weeks.

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