Ice Bong

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  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone on GC care to see the finished product?
  2. Haha, pretty interesting!

    Sure, share that shit. :smoking:
  3. haha if you got a good way to smoke out of it i might try that myself hahaha
  4. It's not done yet. I had a little mishap that I had to repair/refreeze, plus I have a mouthpiece design in the works as well that I think I'll be able to fuse/freeze to the to top of this piece.
  5. Very cool man, I had the same idea but just didn't know how to do it
  6. hook it up to a vape so there is no heat
  7. chill man cant wait to see milk
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    So I had to fix this part that was hard to see in the OP.


    Prepped on the surgery table with an organ donor at the ready:


    I also have a 4 inch mouthpiece freezing right now, check back later for updates!
  9. Just a shot of the part I had to refreeze, and how tall it will be with the mouthpiece on it.[​IMG]

    This mouthpiece should be pretty decent to form a seal against with my lips.

  10. If it is not 100% air tight you most likely will not get a very good hit.

  11. Patience.

    I've been breaking ice into little chips, then placing them over the cracks, then hitting them with the torch to melt and fill in the holes, then refreeze.

    It might take awhile, but like I said. Patience.
  12. subbed.

    this is actually amazing.
  13. Dope shit man. Can't wait till you can rip that
  14. op other then this bong do you do ice sculpting? or are you just wingin it
  15. ^ahahhaha.

    Just winging it with plastic bottles, cups, and the most important tool:


    Gotta have my trusty Bed, Bath & Beyond crème brûlée torch.

    Here you can see the new layer of ice that repaired the crack from pulling the mouthpiece out of the mold:


    I'd say a solid 5mm thick! haha!
  16. That is fucking awesome...get weed legalized and I can see you doing big ass bong sculpture type things out of ice blocks...that would be legit
  17. Can't wait till you get it ready to rip.

  18. It'll probably be awhile. Late tonight at the earliest I would imagine.

    After hitting chips like these with the torch, I like to make sure it's frozen good and solid before taking it back out of the freezer.


    I tried to see if I could work on it out in the cold to avoid having to wait so long between re-freezes, but it's windy as hell in Duluth and I'm not in any rush.:cool:

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