Ice and Snow White grow aeroponic LED Grow

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  1. This will be my second grow, I went all out on this setup.
  2. I have two 2x4 gorilla grow tens, using kind LEDs one k3-650 for my veg, and the new k5-xl750 for my bloom tent. I'm using Botanicare microgarden aero for veg/mothers. And for bloom, the botanicare turbogarden aero. I'm using the botanicare pure blend pro line of nutrients. For ventilation, vortex s-line series 6" with speed controllers. Some people say, why do u have fans? Well, I was told to create the best environment, and I'm trying. Also for cloning, I have a 32 site ezcloner in my veg tent. I have intentions on staying propetual, due to the fact, I am using this not as a financial solution, but as a solution to be able live a healthier and productive life without the pharma side-effects. I also use the blueline guardian monitors to keep both reservoirs in check. I also have a huge UPS, with a whole home standby generator, but I already had that installed. I will keep this journal up to date and full of pics and video, because I did a lot of research, and I have not found a solid grow journal or real review on the KIND LED systems. And also the botanicare aero systems. Also, for filtration, PHRESH filters. I also use 0ppm RO/DI water.

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  3. Got my seeds in, and i was shocked as hell.  I just knew i was going to be waiting, and to my surprise, 6 days including the weekend.

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  4. This is for medicinal use only, so no, I'm not trying to grow a pound, however, i do want to keep a propetual grow going. with these two strains.  I also want the best possible medicine.  As we get settled, i will then upgrade the size of my grow area, because we do have enough paperwork for 5 patients.
  5. they are in ABC order, ice is the two on the left, and snow white on the right.  The freebie in the middle.  I'm growing out two of each so I can start one into flowering, and keep the other as a mother.  Cant wait lol.  

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  6. The two Snow White are coming out of the rapid rooters, still waiting on the ice to show face. Pictures soon, not a biggie, but best documentation I can give.
  7. The ice is coming out slowly, but it's there. The Snow White is visible, the freebie, nuthin[ image.jpg
  8. The ice has popped out, I have a visual, I will be taking pics later.  Cant wait to fill up this ezcloner, Half and half.  I also ordered a macro lens, can't wait for it to come in, I'm currently using a Canon EOS 1D-X with a 17-44 lens.  I heard these strains put out a lot of trichomes, so i want some bud candy ​
  9. Also, I would love any advice on these two strains. Also, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS.
  10. Got new pics coming soon
  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415968455.077486.jpg transferred them to aero system with a bag seed strain, still waiting on the freebies to come up. I have a lil super thrive mixed in the res.
  12. Filling up my bloom res, so I can get this bag seed out my grow station. I don't want it with my paid for strains lol. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415968924.402294.jpg
  13. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415969188.679346.jpg 0 ppm water. This gives me a lot of wiggle room
  14. The order has not changed either, ice left, Snow White right. I had to raise this led up, because as you can see, I need the ice to stretch a lil.
  15. My temp in my tents are between 71-76 degrees, year round. Not sure if I should raise it based upon the warm comments on some sites
  16. Added nutrients today. I used 1/8th nutes. Botanicare pure blend pro line. I'm using the grow, cal-mag, liquid karma, and silica blast. Right now, my PPMs are at 450, res temp 68, ph 5.8. I'm not going over 75% nutes, because I did before and my leaves became a darker green, and when it was time for harvest, they wouldn't flush properly in the allotted time frame. I'll experiment with pushing a clone in my third tent I just got in. Don't trust these freebies lol. Ebb flow system.

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