Ibuprofen ameliorates cognitive deficiencies in working memory while high

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by AmnesiacSmoke, Oct 26, 2014.

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    So yeah, basically weed and something like ibuprofen or Curcumin (preferable I think) could probably improve your short term memory while high.

    The applications are enormous!
    Watch long movies
    Read with more focus
    Seem less impaired at work

    Well I don't know actually...I don't do a whole lot.

    But anyways check out Examine.com page on Marijuana, it's still under progress but has quite the compilation of cannabis research.
    Edit: I'm not implying COX-2 inhibitors with Cannabis will make your short term memory better than being sober, sorry for the misleading title.
    Edit 2: figured out how to fix title, now its boring...

  2. coffee works just as good :smoke:
  3. I don't remember what I was going to say
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    I don't understand where you got the reason to make the leap that taking ibuprofen or cucurim improving the WM while high. the abstract didn't explain how it interact with THC. Is it an antagnoist of the cb1 receptor?
    edit:nvm figured out that ibuprofen inhibits COX-2
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    ya that would work, just need a COX-2 inhibitor which Ibuprofen is.  Ill try that out and see how that works.  Ive got studying to do so ill definitely give it a shot. 
    Although I will say Ibuprofen isn't very good on the GI tract particularly the stomach, so you probably shouldn't be taking too much.
    Also I don't see how it would improve short term memory over just being sober.  It would improve it relative to being stoned normally, but i don't think it would make short term memory better than a sober brain.
  6. Yeah, I was just trying to make a semi-attractive title. Of course being sober is better for short term memory hehe. But not sure where you live in but if there's a costco where you live they sell Curcumin supplements. It's basically a turmeric extract that works the same way as ibuprofen but it doesn't interact with COX-1 and so it doesn't make your stomach bleed.
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    According to this paper Ginger selectively inhibits COX-2 , but not COX-1
    interesting read showing the diff of COX-1 and COX-2. A little confused how they seemingly have opposite effects, as it says one is inflammatory and the other deals with homeostasis yet both produce prostoglanoids. Both seem to increase PGI2
  8. So ibuprofen counters the memorly llostt of weed?

    That's way way way different then "pot+ibuprofen = improved memory" which it doesnt

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    hehe Not exactly. It's not affecting the memories lost due to long term potentiation being interrupted i.e the formation of new memories. Just helps with working memory "during the influence". I explained in the edit: (before you posted) that i'm aware the title is misleading hehe. I'll make it caps.

    I'd be down for changing the title itself but not sure how.
  10. I don't have much time to post, so maybe shouldn't be posting to begin with but it seems I was wrong about the overall effect. At least one other article I was looking at suggested it helped maintain proper memory formation. I'll come back and include more details/citations later
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    examine.com is the best.
    that said, you certainly want to go with curcumin that is highly bio-available vs. ibuprofen.
    the list of side-effects for ibuprofen is pretty sad.. plus constant administration of ibuprofen can be actually damaging.
    there are multiple benefits to taking curcumin besides the fact that it is a potent, natural cox2 inhibitor.
    a quick good search will reveal a ton of research.
    i've been looking at turmeric (and consequently curcumin supplements for a while). it seems that with curcumin you pretty much have to go with supplement due to its poor oral absorption. as far which one to chose... the two that seems to have the most research behind them are "longvida" brands and "bcm-95" formulations.
    (unfortunately i don't have links for all the research/citations handy, but you can pretty much study exmaine.com's curcumin page which has most of the above info).  
    p.s. http://www.reddit.com/r/nutrition/comments/2jowwx/thoughts_on_curcumin_supplementation_or_adding/
  12. When I put my weed into the bowl I say, "now stay the fuck away from my hippocampus or I'm gonna dump your surviving family's asses down the toilet!". It knows I'm bluffing... 
    Anyway, thanks for the links to the papers. I spend inordinate amounts of time pouring over NCBI's papers. I use PubMed Central for most of my studies - all full articles, all free. It's a great resource!
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    Did you know curcumin is a CB1 antagonist? I've wondered how potent it is in that regard and if it could help curb tolerance. It is an NDMA antagonist as well, subunit i don't remember, I don't know to what potency.

    Unfortunately, i'm kinda fucked in the curcumin option as i take carbamazepine a CYP3A4 inducer, basically it makes curcumin less bioavailable even more than it already is. CYP3A4 inhibition also increases levels of carbamazepine so I don't think that's an option. I've considered making an extract of curcumin and smoking it for greater bioavailability... still waiting for 3 dollars for 91% isopropyl alcohol lmao. #dirtpoor
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    Good thing I eat a ton of tumeric. Also, I broke my arm a while back and my grandma gave me milk with a bunch of tumeric in it. Are there foods I can eat alongside tumeric to make the curcumin more bioavailable? It used to make me feel kind of stoned/relaxed.
  15. Grapefruit juice, preferably white grapefruit also black pepper. The key is CYP3A4 inhibition. However inhibiting that enzyme also makes certain toxins stay in your system longer. So inhibit with caution lol
    well, it just happens that i am personally experimenting with longivda curcumin for a totally different "research"... but i'll keep an eye out on the affects on memory and tolerance. 
    that said i have already noticed better cognitive function (with or without mmj). can't speak to the effects on tolerance.. mine is relatively high considering that i'm a pretty much daily user. although i only take a few hits throughout the day. finishing a joint by myself is not impossible, but would be an adventure  :smoking:  
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    Curcumin has positive effects on oxidative stress and is also an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Those things alone could help improve cognition independent of any cox-2 inhibition related amelioration of thc's effects. 
    Also you made me curious, if you feel reluctant to post on this thread would you PM about the details of your research? If i got the time be glad to help with the research part.
    Also this is quickly becoming a curcumin thread lol but just so you guys know for the purpose of weight loss CB1 antagonist are great, though the one's they have (like pharma) make people depressed and anxious as shit but Turmeric don't do that, so if you wanna go on a T break and loose weight it has potential therapeutic activity
  18. Tl;DR:  Taking ibuprofen while stoned eliminates the "Shit, i forgot what I was talking about" problem.

     Good to know. 

    BTW, this article kinda screwed up.  The problem is the disruption of linear memory, not short-term.
  19. You can buy Bioperine supplement cheaply that greatly increases the bioavailability or curcumin and a host of vitamins and minerals. I think swanson supplements has some for under 5dollars. Also BCM-95 is an even more bioavailable form but it doesnt give the benefit of helping you absorb other things like Bioperine. Curcumin is also said to be great for pain.
  20. Post talks about working memory, which can be but is not necessarily the same thing as short term memory. 
    However it also seems that COX-2 induction (caused by cb1 activation) also affects long term memory, and not just working memory as the abstract suggests. It impairs NDMA and AMPA signaling, and without proper activation of these receptors long term memories can't even begin.

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