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    Just making a thread for anything organic related. Knowledge and questions welcomed.
    @Hemphugger here we go
  2. My brother I got you
  3. Let's talk organics what do you need to know??????
  4. Well for now 8 think I'm good until tomorrow had a long day probably going to relax the rest of the night
  5. oops here the quote hope no one yells at me ...lol
  6. Ok folks I get to be the first ro post in the IBCC organics... ok first is my girls I'm going to breed. Second is the same clone cut but is 5 weeks old and has been in flower for only 2weeks and 4 days.... and last but not least a veg of organics hehehe

    Itty Bitty Canna Committee - "Our Cup Runneth Over".

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  7. Welp, there's nothing IIBC about that second pic'!
    Lookin' good HH...
  8. Tonight I will post what mix I use and you guys can use it alter it or laugh at it....lmao but I'll share regardless. .....
  9. I do have some of this same cut that comes off in about 3weeks but it is in a mix that's different from what I'm running now and I use nutes on them it's organic nutes but it's still chemical I know shame on me but we all start some where right.....
  10. Here she is she's looking a lil rough just watered and fed her....

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  11. She's getting so heavy that she's starting to fall over lol after the pic I tied her up so she doesn't snap her main branch... the one gallon grow bag keeps trying to tip over Gggrrrrr lol....
  12. nice pics iam excited to see how they turn out
    working on a new tent yesterday was the soil:) now it's cooking
  13. What dimensions is the new enclosure...
  14. 4x8
  15. Nice HID or LED...
  16. led
  17. I'm still running the HID but I'm supplementing with CFL....
  18. led the nodes grow so tight and I don't have to work about vertical at all working on this here room
  19. Look at those girls in veg they are literally stacked like a brick shit house. ...lol
  20. i saw iam pleased I wish I had that room lol

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