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    I heard some people ask for specific pictures of the M420 so i took some, sorry of the quality there taken with my phone. If you would like to see a specific picture that i didn't take don't be afraid to ask. :wave:.

    im not sure how to upload them directly so ill just use the attach option.

    i420 m420.jpg




    left- solo i420 bowl, middle-mini's bowl, Right- party bowl. You cant tell but the mini's bowl is pretty big.



  2. thats incredible!! lol
  3. thanks a lot of the pictures as far as i can see, you get what you pay for the mini is 1/3 of the price but looks like 1/3 of the size as well
  4. I took every angle of the bowl haha, I still wasn't sure what you wanted I got it though right?
  5. yeah u got it. in the 2nd to last picture.
  6. sorry it got all pixelated i'm not sure what happened another picture did it too but way worse.
  7. no big deal. just solidified my decision that i must have a m420.
  8. INCREDIBOWL YOU GOT A DELL DUDE!!!.. sorry had to..

    I so want one lol
  9. my m420 should be here by the beginning of next week. :yay: it's cool that both of yours match. i kinda wish the mini came with a smaller verson of the case the full size comes with.
  10. Nice! how much did that cost??
  11. Why do you keep the big one backwards in the case?
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    Haha I actually have a mac book that mouse pad is left over from my crashed dell :(.

    i got both on a 4/20 sale the i420 was 140 and the m420 was 50.

    I thought thats the way it went :confused:.

    The case is nice to keep any of it from getting lost or broken, and it keeps the smell in so i usually load the 3 bowls and click it shut until needed :smoke:
  13. Are you saying you've never even tried it the other way around?


    I'm . . . amazed...
  14. ^^ why does it matter which way its facing in the case? is it protected? yes. does it fit? yes. so who f*in cares?...

    Anyways OP that incredibowl is nice! i want one so bad where did you pick up your mini at? and can you pick your own color?
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Yes, it "fits", but I think what he was referring to was putting the bowl end in the case that allows for more room in the foam, that's all.

    And no, it doesn't really matter either damn way, that case is only rated to withstand driving over it with your car, and then throwing it in the ocean to sink 50 feet down with absolutely no damage or leaking whatsoever. Yeah, try that shit with your bong bags.:cool:

    On top of all that, I doubt your incredibowl would easily break if it were dropped or even tossed anyway.
  17. whats so damn incredibowl about this if u still gotta use a lighter
  18. wow those things look nicer in person, I got to check out the m420 at a LHS however Im thinkin about getting the mini myself for travelling.

  19. I got both of them in a dispensary in Denver so I got to pick the color but they only had purple and pink, but i wanted purple anyway.

    Lol, ill probably flip it around since the grinder takes up so much room, thanks.
  20. my LHS will never have them. and im not sure if the manufactures will send them to states that dont have medical marijuana laws.

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