I wouldn't have a drink or drug problem if I didn't go to work...

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. I go to work to fund the car I go to and from with and to fund my drug and alcohol problem.

  2. your point? the only reason i go to work is to get baked and munch and get paid to do it
  3. You don't think that you would still want to get high , you might try to find other ways to get money .
  4. And I only live to eat food.
  5. unfortunately, its going to be there now even if you don't have money.
  6. oh yeah?

    youd still be a druggie regardless.
  7. this topic is funny. maybe stop doing drugs at work for a change? its not going to kill you not being high or drunk for a short while.
  8. yeah fuck work. im never gonna work, the way i see it, I could always live in the wild with a rife or something. :smoking:
  9. I used to work longer hours so i could buy more cocaine so i could work longer hours to buy more cocaine so i could work longer hours to buy more cocaine so i could work longer hours so i could buy more cocaine............................ BOOM!!!!!!!
  10. One of my reasons to get a job was to get a car. I get the car with the money from the job, and the car gets totaled in an accident on the way to the job! I have another car now, but still - :rolleyes:

    what the job giveth, the job taketh away.
  11. sounds like a factory job endless they pay you just enough to get you to show up the next Monday morning after spending 50%+ of your paycheck on hard drugs. Good thing I dont work in a factory or do hard drugs.
  12. I'm 18, been working at a grocery store since 15. Everybody burns at work, we talk about it, some people deal, some grow. its an open environment. my boss burns and comes to work high, and so do i. We've built a friendship around it. But the bad part is spending the whole paycheck on bud{which is also a very, very good thing according to my short term needs.
  13. im down.
  14. dude...you should like...go to work like ON those drugs that you buy...that way...its like youre getting paid to be high...and if you work at a fast food place its a win/win.

  15. i think he means he wouldnt do drugs if he didnt go to work because hed have no money to support the habbit, which may be true. although most people do drugs with/without money. you dont need to have money(ie: getting smoked up). but OP wasnt too clear on what he meant
  16. I hate work too if it were up to me I'd live in the middle of no where grow my own field of weed
  17. I hate work, but it's necessary. Someone's gotta grow the buds.

  18. i think i had the best idea.

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