I would tell St. Peter I smoked too much :D

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  1. A man suspects his wife is cheating on him so he comes home early one day. He bursts in the door, his wife is laying on the bed so he believes his suspecions to me corrects. He starts franticly looking around the house for the other man. He spots 10 fingers on his window sill. He looks out and sees a man hanging off the fifth story window. He runs back in the house and grabs his hammer, returns to the window and starts beating the mans hands. The man will not fall so he goes to the kitchen and starts pushing the fridge. He's sweating hard but finally manages to tip the fridge out the window. He starts panting and wheesing and realises he's having a heart attack.
    Up at the gates of Heaven St. Peter is talking to the new entries. St. Peter asks the first man, "How did you die?" The man responds, "I was painting a building and my scaffolding fell. I grabbed on to a ledge but some maniac started attacking me then pushed a fridge on me." St. Peter then asks the next man how he died and the man responds, "I thought my wife was cheating on me, and thought the man was on my window sill. I went into a rage and pushed a fridge out the window on him but the strain was too much for my heart. I had a heart attack and died." St. Peter then asks the next man how he died and the man tells him, "I dunno, I was just hiding in a fridge and wound up here"

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