i would of liked my clones to root first then flower

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  1. thought id experiment with cloning in water and weakened plant food, but its went wrong all 10 of my clones have went into flowering i wanted them to root which they havent done, both mothers are already well into the pre flowering stage what should i do with my clones????
  2. keep em goin, see how many make it, its like 12/12 from seed really

  3. my mother plants have always been on 12/12 400wHPS since seedlings ive only got that space and 1 light to grow my clones are in the same place taking the same light, but now am worried they wont root since they flowering its only a few days since i took the cuttings,
  4. switch your lights to 18-6 until they root
  5. Well there's your problem, put em on 18-6 till thry root. You have them on a flowering light schedule, so they are going to flower.
  6. but my mother plants are flowering
  7. You can't veg and flower in the same room, you have to pick one or the other. If you want to have clones and flower your mother, then you are going to have to have the clones in a separate area under 18-6
  8. Wow. Lol. Root in a separate area with a separate light. How long has the mother been flowering for? Did you research before cloning and learn there is a vegetive stage of growth that is kinda important for. Clones to root properly and healthy
  9. troll....
  10. its not a mother plant if its already flowering

    how are you sosposta take clones that are any good if its been flowering since it was grown

    something dont make sense unless you are using stupid auto flowering plants
  11. ive taken clones from flowering plants, but its not recommended because of the difficulty in getting them to root (rooting hormone present in the plant drop precipitously during flowering). for your mothers, they should be in a 24 light cycle and thats the rule with any mother plant. the preflowers will go into stasis during the veg cycle, but when set back into flowering will yield bigger buds on those original sites. as for your clones starting to bud, dont worry the same is true. simply place the clones in a 24 hour light cycle until the plant "resets" itself and goes back into vegging. from then you can feed them with veg fertilizers again. this process is called regeneration.
  12. why are you all been soo nasty i dont deserve to be treated this way ok ok my experiment has went horribly wrong (nobodies perfect jeeee stop hating will you if you cant give friendly advice dont say nothing at all :(

    thanks to the few thats shown some consideration :D
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    ok i took cuttings from the bottom and middle of my both plants the light wasnt getting to them parts the would of died off anyways so i cut them off then cut again at a 45% angle then put them all in a tin of water and weakened plant food and just left them with the females that are budding all over the tops of them am leaving them parts alone the mothers are doing just fine

    technically they are mother plants as they gave me cuttings, if a woman has a baby she is a mother, to me cuttings are baby plants

    this is my clones camera not that good but if you take time to look you can see the flowers

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  14. Do u know how to clone properly? Any cloning gel? Humidity dome? Ect
  15. Well that was some fun reading. Lol.

  16. nope no cloning gels or power just water and feed, someone else i know does it this way has been doing it for 15 years but she using flora lights n cloning boxes
  17. Ok here's the basics to cloning. A cut should be taking from a mother in veg for best results. Dip cut tip immediately in rooting gel. Stick cutting in growin medium. Keep cutting in high humidity duh as a clone station or a simple clear Rubbermaid bin and a light. 24hr light for great rooted clones to grow
  18. put a airstone in the bottom of ur tin man lol or get a tupperwear container tin will rust bro oxygen in the water will help the process but id rlly recommend doing some reading on cloning its the most important part ....if they are weak when they are little they will be weak when they are big ......maximum powa lol good luck man dont let the dicks get ya down. everyone sux the first time make sure ur clones are in a seperate room with 24 hours of light get a little cfl and hang it over the top of them on a end table somewhere. Once they root put them in dirt and keep ur 400 watt light on them for 24 hrs let them acclimate be sure the light is not to close give them a week or two to spread roots and then flip them to flower. 24 hrs light =veg.......12/12= flower. Clones need to be vegged and established bfore flowering ...big roots big fruits ull get it trust me just hang in there

  19. you dont really need gels or hormones, but if you do wanna use something try honey. its naturally antiseptic and readily available. ive had the best luck just using bee honey as opposed to fancy, expensive rooting hormones.
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    well ive heard of clones being taken during flowering that rooted just fine with most of the methods previously stated, i personally like the diy bubble cloners and a few cfl work great

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