i would never kill myself but dont you ever wonder

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  1. what it would feel like to die???

    im very curious
  2. My friends dad technically died in a car accident, them came back. He said he saw a bunch of colors.
  3. i understand that DMT is released. so basically its a trip :hello:
  4. No above,
    No Below,
    Just a man letting go,
    When all my earthly desire, is disowned
    No screaming sirens should sound,
    No revelations profound
    Simply lowering into the ground that's just what I'll be.
    Dead in the dirt.

    That's about it.
  5. so you just have a dmt trip?
  6. well, of course i always wonder what it's like. but suicide has never crossed my mind. we don't have to wonder because we'll all experience it :confused_2:
  7. I'd argue that the "colors" that people see in near death experiences is just the visuals from DMT releasing.
  8. I always wonder.. If some one was killed, lets say with a gun or a car crash.. They don't get to experience death.. do they? No time for the body to release DMT, right?
  9. who knows... You can only experience death once.
  10. if i were about to die i will just start doing all kinds of drugs

  11. DMT is just crazy as hell, but I agree
  12. you trip so hard you die haha
  13. dmt dmt doo dee doo dmt lsd do dmt
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  15. I dunno what it would feel like to die but hopefully its not as shitty as the way it seemed when I watched my Grandfather die...
  16. The hardest part of life is living. After death there are no feelings. You are just dead
  17. well... maybe.

  18. no i meant the moment that i die i dont care about after i die
  19. I would imagine the first few seconds you are panicking, but once your body releases chemicals it will be like a crazy relaxing high

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