I would love to Kick Harry Anslinger's ASS

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  1. Have been watching documentaries and have decided that if i could get Doc Brown to loan me his DeLorean... I would head back to 1936 and give Harry Anslinger the ass whooping of his lifetime..

    Since 1937
    - How many have died because of this illegal drug war?
    - How many families have dealt with sickness and early death because of Cancer? (when cannabis could have been the possible cure)
    - How much money has been spent?
    - How many years of senseless jail time has been spent because of this?
    - How many careers have been lost because of it?
    - How many families have lived without their father, mother, brother?

    I bet the Anslinger family name is real popular these days. Would hate to be one of his great grand kids
  2. Hell yeah, that would serve him right for talkin all that bullshit about how pot makes people violent. Or prove him right. Well not really of course.
    We could go all clockwork orange on him and make him watch all the horrible shit he's helped cause and stuff that's all trippy and cool too, and don't forget some sports, and then instead of turning him loose we'd just kick his ass.
    And I'd say "Fuck You, maan."

    tl?;dr? If you hook up on a time machine, I'm down with it.
  3. I'm coming too. I'll lock him in a hot-box until he gets high and starts making some sense.
  4. I don't believe in violence or condone talk that makes
    light of violence.

    However, I do hate what the man did.
  5. i will murder his happiness.

    is that non-violent enough

  6. He had a job to do and he did it. If it wasn't him it would have been someone else. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  7. I think showing violence towards those who oppose us stoners, completely destroys everything we stand for and represent. if anything, id take the delorian, go back in time, and kidnap him and put him in the top of a tower with a dragon:)
    Haha but all kidding aside, to be honest, if it werent for him it would be even more difficult. cuz eventually, somebody woulda come along and done the same thing he did. im glad he did wat he did, when he did. because now that about 70 years have past im lucky enough to be born in the generation that will see it legalized again. (and it WILL be legalized in our lifetime, possibly even within the next 2 or 3 years) And for good, here to stay.
  8. He lied to the American people for a political agenda....
    The american people payed him to lie and wreak havoc on their liberties....

    I am pretty sure that was not in his job description.
    His interests were for personal gain of a beaurocratic position since alcohol was no longer illegal.

  9. True.

    I can not believe someone would say "so glad he did that...", uh, I think the expression is wtf?

    Somebody else would have done it? Who?
    Do we know that he was just an insignificant cog, or is it more as it seems, i.e. he was the driving force behind that huge movement that eventually was taken global. His part was his idea, as far as I'm concerned. His lies, collusion, and all the other reprehensible things he did were either severely misguided by a desire to serve his common man and country, or he was a total prick.
    Either way, a good ass-kickin would be worth a shot. It may straighten him up, and it may not, but it's worth a shot, I say.
  10. You're right. Anslinger was the product of Andrew Mellon, William Randolf Hearst, and the other multi-millionaire moguls of the day. If not him they would have bought some other sap to do their dirty work. The giant corporations of today enact laws and change the same way they did, they just can't get away with scare tactics in the media like "Smoking the devil marijuana will make your young white daughters have scandalous sex with multiple negros and/or listen to jazz music."

    Think about it, how often has there been some sort of corporate (or government) scandal, followed by a missing/murdered rich white girl buzz story in the span of a news week? People get murdered or go missing all the time, but the national news only reports about rich white girls, and only then when there is some other news item they really should be paying more attention to.
  11. Those racist bastards. I hate them all. I think we should kill them all. Gut them like little piglets at a BBQ.
    Lets set the world on fire.
  12. shoulda put him in a jail where he wasn't allowed to do anything but smoke weed

    hell for him :p
  13. I say we all go to Pennsylvania and PISS on his grave
  14. Other than kill the grass which has done nothing to be associated with Anslinger other than grow on his grave, what would this accomplish?
  15. Reefa causes madness bros
  16. So let come up with commercials and pickets like he did ...but about the benefits of it and the none benefits of prescribed man made drugs that r killing people wtf

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