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i would like to thank you all

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. for giving me the extreme pleasure of my 1000 post. to all of my invisable friends out there. thanks for the smiles.:)

  2. happy 1000 post at 10:00 pm
  3. Congrats won and blew that SlowPokieOkie away!!!

    :::: doing the 1000 posts dance for Higha with lots of nudging and bumping just for you girl::::::
  4. Is this the part where the dance starts?

    I bow to the mono-syllabic posting queen of Abilene!

    Let the dancing begin!

    Congrats to you babe!
  5. :: doing th happy 1000 post dance for highya naked::

  6. not allll my posts are mono-syllabic ya know......your just a sore loser....:p
    i forgot to mention what a nice place this is to be, an what great people ya are?
    *total kiss up*


  7. That's something I did'nt need right before bedtime.

    Where's the Pepto?:p:)
  8. i, i,i, dont know what to say.....someone sTOLE 4 of my posts!!!!
    i had 1000, i swear.....i had witnisses......i did.!
    if i was alone id wonder but there were otheres,they saw em, i know they did!
    *ponders where 4 posts went while i was sleeping*
    critter.........did you take em,eh?
    now heres a new are my other 4 posts.....boohoo
  9. Hahahaha looks like critter has been taking your post. He probably added them to smokies post..LMAO!
  10. it's ok higha... i believe ya :D

    ::does happy 1000 post dance un-neked::
  11. ah-ha i figured i out, again :)
    tis what i get for deleating a whoole post..i stole my own 4...........
  12. guess i made an ass outta meself again........
  13. i had to do it boys n girls......
    tiss 1000 again....
    thanks for putting up with my insane rambelings,stupid stories, wierdo smilies, smartass remarks, very usefull informatin, and a pat on the back when i need it :D
    i luvs ya all blades.
    done with this realllly!

  14. ::does the 1000 posts dance::

    Congrats Highya!!!
  15. wwooohooo....congrats....may you post thousands out....Sid
  16. Stealing your own post is against the law. Now you have to be arrested. I'll send a flower guy to pick you up and take you to stonerville, where you will reside till you are high as an astronaut.

    Please do not refuse to go.

    Or you will be forced to get high in shit up to your BB
  17. a flower guy eh? now thats i might get in a limo,only if it was a reeeally nice one. :D
  18. OK a limo. I wouldn't want a criminal to be to uncomfortable! LMAO

    What if it was me? Would i have to have a Limo?
  19. lol. budhead u'd get the stretch-hummer, them things are awsome! like a freakin tank

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