I would like to share my first fully lucid dream

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    Last night/this morning, I had my first 100% complete and amazing lucid dream. I had become lucid before, but that always was quickly followed by waking up. Not tonight.

    It started like any normal dream where random stuff was going on that I couldn't really explain, but I ended up visiting a spot in my backyard from back home, and right about here I somehow became completely and totally lucid.

    So, obviously, the first thing I did was FLY EVERYWHERE. I spent about 90% of my dream flying. It was THE MOST FUN I have EVER HAD, at least in a dream, maybe even ever. I mostly just flew around my surrounding area where I live. As lucid as I was, I sort of kept waking up for brief seconds, then putting myself back to sleep and resuming what I was doing. At one point, I decided I was going to try and find someone I used to know, and also used to date. So I flew around the city/town calling out her name and searching and such. I was flying through this place like a fighter pilot maneuvering like you see in the movies. It was great!

    At this point, I was flying through houses, buildings, windows and such, and ended up out by some swimming pool. This was when someone appeared. It wasn't the girl I wanted to find, but it was someone else I knew, and am still friends with. However, it wasn't HER, this person merely had her appearance, for I could tell that it was someone or something much greater than me(or any human) speaking through this image.
    She said something along these line:

    Her: "Every indigo person/child has a match, almost like a polar opposite for a magnet"
    (I forget what I responded with or even if I did)
    She then said this, which is going to be very distorted as I'm forgetting more of it every second:
    "Your species(humans) are at a very critical point, and you are nearly ready for something special that will have great impact on your world"
    My response: "Surely we can't be as ready as you say, given all the killing, and inhumanity, and hate and violence still in our world."
    Her: (big smile, as though pleased with my response) "That is very true..."

    At this point, one of us decided to leave and end the conversation, I think it was me, because at this point I went back to flying for the rest of my dream. There wasn't much time after this before I woke up completely, and now I'm here sharing this, because it felt very important and also the most amazing dream I've ever had.

    Rock On!
  2. Haha that's weird I've had a couple similar dreams. In one of mine a lady/goddess/spirit told me that each human had a reciprocal match, kind of like your magnet thing.
  3. how does one get into a lucid dream...any tips lol
  4. There is a thread somewhere with tips and triggers to go lucid and talks about AP and meditation techniques. Works quite well for the lucid dreaming
  5. ?Is there a Lucid dream tutorial on here
  6. i gotta find this thread lol

  7. Obviously :p I had a dream at about 7 years old where I flew all the way to school, it was the coolest thing to ever happen to me!

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