I would like to introduce myself , Hello My name is Ana

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    I am to new to this community. I am a medical patient with a severe lower back problem. After years of taking pills and nearly destroying my internal organs I turned to an alternative form of medication. I was afraid to try this because i do legal work and i didn't want to get into trouble.

    Since I have been smoking, I have lost 125 pounds and i am active, and although my pain levels are still high they are manageable.

    The reason i am here is i am a first time grower and I have had some help in putting together my grow room. I am in the last month of flowering and my babies are beautiful. I am just not sure if i am doing what i should. Is there any way to know if you have them on the right track. How long exactly is the flowering time. They are all crystalized and dense and beginning to get a thick milky film. Can anyone out there offer any tips in drying and trimming the plants.

    I hope to chat with many of the members here so that i can get some tips and insight into perfecting my smoke.

    This is a great site,
  2. Hi Ana,

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you have back problems. you should be able to find all the answers in the Growing forum, Harvesting and processing section


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