I would Just like to Say.

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Im one post away from 666. My join date is 06 but that doesnt really add to anything..

    Ive been lurkin for a wile now and Im gonna wait for this 666'th post for a special thread...
  2. Accidently do a double post so you just skip over it quickly.

    Also, bless your computer with holy water:D
  3. My dogs were born on 06/06/2006
  4. Why...
  5. Eww so I was baked playin halo reach and I grabbed my itouch and posted my 666th post completly forgetting about this thread.

  6. lol. Who cares about 666?

    Then again, Im agnostic...
  7. Now 667, I missed it. :cry:
  8. I work at a grocery store called giant eagle.. and this lady's change was $6.66.. hahah.. she just glared at me, and was very hesitant before she took it, and then gave me the penny back.. I was like.. :cool: :rolleyes:
  9. Was your 420th post special?
    I think 420 is so much more important than 666.
    But you are on 667 now so...
  10. Yeah Im pretty sure I made a thread for my 420 post. But when ever I go to wendys or mcdonalds I usually order the same thing and it adds upto 4:21 nearly everytime. Give or take an extra burger or fries
  11. Lol what a silly lady.

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