I would greatly appreciate some help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by therookie, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. This will be my first attemp at growing, I have access to a huge field in Ontario , canada, just north of Toronto.I would like to know which seeds grow the best outdoors, and the best method of germinating and planting the seeds. Your help and knoledge would be greatly appreiciated. Thanks
  2. Yeah im not sure which... but its either Sativa or In... uh shit i forget.. basically there are two differnt types, Sativa and somethin that starts with an I... (not two differnt strains im not THAT burnt lol) One of them is for indoor growing, another is for outdoor growing.. forget which is which tho. if that was wrong, someone please slap and correct me.
  3. haa, whuts up juggalo? catch any concerts going around? Ok if its your first time growing i'd just use some seeds i got from a bag. Put one seed in pot a inch or so down and water, put outside or under light, some time goes by, just make sure the dirt don't get too dry too long and you got bud.

  4. HIGH All, "Slap" Smokie McBlunts just had to do it...hope it didn't hurt to much...just kidding my friend.

    Both types can be grow outside it's just that the Sativa takes about a month more to finish. Which isn't good for our Northern Zones. The Indica usally finishes beginng of Oct. or in some strains the middle of Sept.

  5. Haha juggalo...ICP is coming to town with, guess who...2LiveCrew. Now that's gonna be one messed up show.
  6. i think i heard somewhere that indica strains grow better in souther climates and sative strains grow better in northern climates.

    ICP with 2live crew? heh heh what the fuck? thats crazy. ey was ICP s new album any good? there old stuff is pretty cool but bizaar/bizzar sucked.

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