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  1. I haven't asked for any advice in a while so I figured I was due. I would only like constructive responses please so if you're going to be a troll please just leave my thread.

    I'm very depressed, almost to the point of being suicidal but not quite there. I've dropped out of school and feel like I've missed my opportunity to go anywhere with my life. I know I can go back but I don't have the money or the motivation.

    I live in a very troubled economy and I can not find a better job, my current job gives me barely any hours and I am basically a broke ass.

    My girlfriend who I really loved a lot has left me and now I feel like I've got nobody and nothing in this world. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning and I don't want to hang out with my friends anymore.

    My dad has recently moved to Alaska because he found a decent job out there. I have the option of moving out there where it would be a lot easier for me to find a job and finally make some decent money. Now that I don't have my girl I've got nothing keeping me here but I worry that going to Alaska will drive me crazy. I'm scared that being so lonely and isolated up there will make me more depressed. I know that Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the nation. I'm not sure what to do.

    What do you guys think? Stay here and keep working at my dead end shit job and hope that things get better or go to Alaska and really try to make some changes in my life but also risk not having any friends and possibly making my depressed state a lot worse. Any guidance is greatly appreciate please. I need it.
  2. It sounds like you desperately need a change in your life. Moving to Alaska would probably do you good. its a fresh start. a new opportunity.
    but really, do whats best for YOU. I'm no counselor
  3. I know that you guys aren't counselors but at this point I'm not in a state of mind to decide what really is best for me.

    I really appreciate your advice though! thanks a lot, it makes me feel better just having one person give me advice. I am highly considering going to Alaska and getting away for a while. I just don't know what I'll have left when I get back.
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    alright man im only 18 but i just smoked some afgani kush and alot of people have told me im intelligent and inventive when im high so just give me a chance

    how much has your life changed in the last 10 years? 5 years? last year? hope your still with me and hopefully your answer was alot to all of them. now i want you to do the same shit except for the future. how much will your life change in 1 year if you keep living life? how much in 5,10, and in 50 years this small point in your life is nothing. and nothing to be depressed about. your have so much ahead of you, you can do anything you want. clear your mind blank right now of all things blocking your thoughts. now find things that you like/can do to live a happy life? become a professional wrestler, become a professional video game player, become a national swimmer. run everymorning and run and win marathons. play basketball everyday and capture a video of your skill and over the internet if you promote whatever someone is bound to recognize. find something you like, fuck everyone and whatever else blocks what you want. only way you can accomplish those believable dreams like winning the stanly cup or something is if you actually have thought about it before. aim high and you'll guy high brother

    whatever you put hardwork into, always pays off. the more you put hard work into the more it pays off. if you study for a test 3 weeks in advance and memorize every line and get perfect on a test. it feels sooooo good, doesnt it? just find someting you like and keep getting better. go to alaska, save your money, come back start any business you want, buy a car, save for a house, fuck the girl you just lost there is soo many people just like that bitch (no offense) in the town right beside you that you've never met.

    life is only as good as you make it. if you depressed. life is... depressed.
  5. life's a roller coaster man. one minute you feel on top of the world.(good paying job, money in your pocket, beautiful woman on your side). then some of it, even all of it can be gone in a heartbeat. weather it's a bad decision of our own, or something out of our control. we're left feeling like shit. hopeless and confused. but it gets better. it always does. maybe not next week or even next month, but things will change for the best. believe me, i've been to the bottom a few times, and with a little persistence and hard work you'll regain that happiness and self worth in no time.

    as for moving to alaska. do you find yourself a little more depressed in those michigan winters?
  6. Yes I sure do. Thats something I'm worried about.

    And thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate every one of them and I hope they keep coming. You guys are really helping me a lot. I love this community.
  7. if i were in your shoes i would go to alaska. i have just up and left a couple times and i never regreted it. if you want you will always be able to make new friends no matter where you go. and its always a good thing to stick close to a family member. i dont know how close you and your dad are.. but hopefully he isnt too much of a dick to live with. if you get along with him pretty good then you already have 1 friend to start off with.

    plus alaska is a beautiful place, and you will have front row seats to some of the most dazzling light shows nature has to offer. i wish i could talk my wife into moving up to alaska, i might just do it!
  8. I think Alaska would be a nice change of pace for you. Go there, hit up the bars, drink more (socially) smoke less if smoking is making you depressed. A lot of times friends determine how happy you are, see if you can make a bunch of new friends.
  9. Go back to school...end of story education is important.
  10. I'm worried that I won't have anything in common with people my age up there (I'm 20) I don't want to go up there and feel socially rejected and then spend all my free time on the computer because thats what I feel like I do right now.

    But I agree just up and leaving would probably be a good thing. I'm in a rut and I need to get far away from it.
  11. lol you make it sound like junior high man. im sure you will find at least a couple people to hang out with. i bet there a lot of tokers up in alaska. so the weed problem shouldnt be too hard.
  12. i feel the same as you. your not alone.

    idk maybe you should go. i'd kinda like to leave my area, but i have no options.
  13. a change of scenery can do wonders. and i'm pretty sure that's a motto alaska can never adopt.

  14. Fuck them, who gives a shit just go back to get your diploma you'll make more money and it can lead to other things,
  15. I'm not worried about smoking weed or not. I would go somewhere that had no weed as long as I knew that I would be happy again. My point about not knowing if I would get along with people is half of the people where I would be living would be inuit's (eskimos). I don't have a problem with people who are different but our life experiences have been so different I don't know if I would find acceptance.

    And to Overgrow doesn't this feeling suck? Maybe I should be a little more appreciative that I actually can get away unlike a lot of people in similiar circumstances.
  16. I would take my chances in Alaska
  17. Dont kill yourself man, No matter how hard it gets theres someone that will be so hurt by your passing. You have to find the good buried in the bad man, It will be there it just depends on how far you want to dig.

    Good luck man, And alaska is a beautiful country dude, Just be careful dealing with the three months of darkness. It actually causes depression.
  18. i would say get away. but alaska seems extreme to me.

  19. Yeah I know. It would be extreme but if I'm going to get away then that is the only place I am capable of getting away to at this point in my life.
  20. I wish I was in Alaska right now.

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