I wonder what made them decide to leave....

Discussion in 'General' started by Royksopp, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. People like Bleezie_King, Land Cow, Tyke, etc. These people used to be pretty active on here, some more than others, and now when you look at posts of them it says "guests" and they seemed to have had their account deleted. I've always wondered what made them decide to leave all of a sudden.
  2. maybe they just stopped having the spare time to be on GC all the time =-/
  3. I enjoyed they're post & company ~
    gonna miss em <3
  4. I wonder about stuff like that all the time. When the hell did Tee 8sh See get banned?
  5. word. ppl droppin like flieslately it seems. tha box changing might have something to do wit it
  6. It's probably because this site used to be an informative site where we could still mutter words other than bud without being persecuted. Really, I used to log on to discover a vast amount of information about other psychotropics, almost on par with the info available at erowid. But sadly, they did away with it, while getting rid of over half the community. Sad, sad times.
  7. I've been picking them off one by one your NEXT.

  8. rothflmfao:D
  9. rotflmao...half the commmunity I dont think so....
    When someone asked for thier acct to be deleted it shows guest...
    many reasons one could choose to do that..Like perhaps growing and some skeetchy situation comes up... but who knows....
    People get banned for breaking the rules...Its that simple... here at GC you are given many chances with the infraction system, and if you still end up banned its because of several instances that you broke the rules... It sucks for the others that dont break the rules becasue we loose friends, but it is what it is,

    Ive been here a long time, and find allot of members just choose to move on,
    I also noticed allot of growers post mostly in the winter months...
    most likely we will see allot of newer members start posting more and allot of others returning after a busy summer.....:D

  10. Well, hell yea I do think so. I've been a lurker looong before I actually started posting so I could tell you how it was back when we could speak freely about other substances. By community, I meant both the members and the sense of being apart of. They did lose over half the community, literaly and spiritualy.
  11. thats ur opinion...most here at GC find it a much better community.
    Its a marajuana site... Not a how i overdosed and almost died site...
    appreciate your opinion though...:wave:
  12. Not talking about banned members, I'm talking about the ones who show up as guests now :p and I never said half the community.

    I guess growing would be a good reason, but damn, no goodbye or anything? I know Land Cow was having issues with his gf, then he came back, and now he just shows up as "guest".

    and catch me if you can, Cali Smokes :p :hide:
  13. I was close to leaving about a week ago. I thought I needed to take a break. I probably do, but now I try to only post if its going to help someone
  14. Don't you freaking dare leave :mad:


    *edit* Remember we saved a blade's life....you've definitely done your part when it comes to helping the community.
  15. I didnt mean leave for good. Im just thinking I may need a break from technology to better get in touch with myself

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