I wonder if I have schizophrenia

Discussion in 'General' started by Goopus, May 10, 2011.

  1. Man, shit has gotten WEIRD recently.

    It's just gotten very weird.

    It's uhh... yeah, weird.

    It is out there.
  2. Most people who have it, dont wonder if they do in time, so perhaps you should go see a psychologist to confirm or denounce your suspicions before something.... really weird happens
  3. Yeah. :D Something really weird could happen really soon.

  4. most people who have it generally never realize they have it either, even after being told that they do. the delusions are that powerful

    there is no "wondering." schizophrenic hallucinations are completely convincing. you will believe them no matter what. very few people are able to get a hold over it
  5. Whose out thre?

  6. Yea you stop wondering whats real and what isnt and begin wondering what is following you, why, and where its going to be next.... its not really a funny ordeal (@ op) so i would get it checked out if you really think you may have some form of it or another
  7. Haha. Man...

    I heard voices out on my porch a while ago. I knew they weren't real but it was... uh, perturbing to say the least. They seemed very fucking real until I focused on them and realized they were in my head.

    That was scary.

    I've taken up humming.

    It helps.
  8. don't take a trip with cid, or you're fucked.
  9. just tell the voices to go away

    works for me :smoking:
  10. Haha you can't tell a fucking imaginary voice to go away, man. Once that shit comes into play, it's total cuckoo shit. I'm already crazy enough, man. Throw in some voices and holy shit, you know?
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    Ok I'll bite... What could happen really soon?

    We all posted within like 5 seconds of eachother. This is a hot thread!
  12. Trip with Cid, or you're fucked.

    See what I did there HAR HAR
  13. Man... I don't wanna say it out loud, you know.
  14. You mean dead civil war soldiers could come after you from out the closet?

    No really, I have a friend whose schizophrenic, and this has happened to her before.
  15. Maybe you're just a homosexual.
  16. My delusions are a bit more serious than being assaulted by dead Confederate soldiers.
  17. Well, no there not. Considering she cannot differentiate weather it is real or not, I'd say its a pretty big deal.

    Schizophrenia ain't nothin to fuck with.
  18. She doesn't even suspect that it's not real?
  19. now you're getting it.

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