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I wonder how weed around here compares to what you guys get

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blacklabel, May 25, 2003.

  1. It's kind of funny that like every thread a read is someone getting dank or real good weed, and claim they don't even bother with schwags cause it takes so much to get them high.

    Around here in the UP of Michigan, unless maybe I don't know the right people, but 95% of the time it's bags of commercial. Usually not many seeds, definitely less than I used to get many months ago, and usually lots of nugs. Sometimes pretty compressed ones too but nothing like rock hard weed or fluffy GB.

    But I'm not sure if it would be called schwags, cause I get baked all the time from a couple bowls.

    If I wasn't so unmotivated I could get my scanner working and scan a few nugs of the shit I got now, which is a pretty fair respresentation of what I've been getting.
  2. me personally i would consider what you described lower quality weed, anything that has seeds in it or takes me a couple bowls to get high isnt worth my time or money.

    to me weed is good if it looks like it came from a hightimes centerfold. Experiance and actual hands on knowledge is really the best way to be able to determine how good weed is, ive lived in various states and ive smoked some of the best youll ever see and ive smoked some of the worst youll ever see, that is really the only real way to be a accurate judge for weed.

    Ive smoked with alot of people who arent big tokers and they think their shit is the best simply cause they have never experianced higher quality weed, its allways funny to bust out a sack to someone who dosent smoke and have them say something like 'damn i didnt even know weed coudl look like that'
  3. Some of my friends smoke schwag and it seriously does take me alot to get high off of their stuff when the schwag I got at school got me high much faster. I'm trying to find some mids. I can't afford good stuff right now.
  4. yea regs take me a good 2 bowls to get high, so i just smoke some chronic or white widow, gets me higher, faster, with less weed.
  5. i been buying mids pretty much all year and i get some pretty damn get mids sometimes. Seedless, sticky, moist, dense, crystally, hairy buds. Sometimes my sacks are seedy or not very good. I pay 20 for a quad, 40 for a half o, and sometiems can get a couple ounces for 100 but i usually just get a 20 sack every week. This week I got a gram of some tasty chronic but I smoked it in a day, while the 20 sack woulda lasted me alot longer. Of course I love chronic more then mids but until I get my summer job im gonna buy mids. It just isnt worth it to buy a gram for 20 bucks.
  6. I'm an amatuer, I don't like to admit it but i am. I smoke regs and sometimes a little bit of dank but I've never been truly "blown" or baked.

    I took a week break and smoked about a bowl of some unusually dank bud. One bowl, i was wasted man. I could barely talk without saying something weird, I just sat there thinking. To tell the truth I don't think the dank was that dank, from the sound of it ya'll got much danker nugs. It makes me wonder...if i were to have a bowl of the best bud I've ever smoked all to myself, how high will I get? What about 2 bowls, or 5 bowls?

    It makes me think that I ain't seen shit yet. that my high isn't high at all, its amatuer shit. Heh...
  7. If you've got good bud you will not need more than 1 decent bowl to get you BLAZED if you're by yourself. Sometimes not even that...I've taken 1 bong rip of purple haze and was as stoned as ever.
  8. last sack i bought, an 8th, had 2 seeds in it. it was still good shit, not dank, but good
  9. unfortunatley i dont see too much dank, i've seen it like 3 times maybe, but it was alwyas someone else's so i didnt get the up close and personal look at it.

    i just get mids. i rember in h.s. every was like "i got some flame, yo." and it was always brown and had seeds, i hate how people think thier weed is good because it gets them high, and they dont know what its like to be higher than that.

    i went to smoke with this dude after school once and i was like i have 2 bowls, and he was like do you think that will be enough?

    then the next day he was like "man what was in that , was it laced? i've never been high like that, i was still high after 7 hours, blah blah blah." and it was just mids. i couldnt believe he hadnt smoked that before.
  10. ive only bought weed a few times. when i do though its always kb. i have a good hook up who always has plenty of beautiful nugs. ive seen schwag and i know waht it looks like and it sucks and i hate it. i havent smoked schwag in several months. just about every day since the summer started my friends have bought at least a gram a day. we take turns buying enough weed for the day. god, i wish everyday of my life was like this.

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